Louis i love you

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(Louis's pov)

I soon woke up to Zayn shaking me. " what do you want zayn"? " louis I have to tell you something it's really important"! There was zayn explaining what happened to lux. I felt so bad for her she must be so scared to be around us . Then he told me that she wants me. I walked into her room and she was in her bed curled up. When she saw me she jumped up into my arms and gave me a hug like her life depended on it. " lux do you want me to stay the night with you"? She nodded yes. I went into the covers and she came in after me. She was crying and I sung little things to calm her down. After a while it worked. She was in my arms and we were just talking a lot sense she couldn't go to sleep. I mean can any one really blame her?

Lux: louis I really like you thank you for being there for me.

Louis: lux I'll always be there for you don't forget that you mean a lot to me

Lux: louis I know that I'm ugly and fat, and worthless you don't have to act like you care about me

Louis: lux your not ugly your actually one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen your not fat you have nice curves and your not worthless and I'm not acting like I care I really do care about you

Lux: thanx Lou hey Lou?

Louis: yeah?


Lux: I love you louis I really do

Louis: lux I -I feel the same way

End of convo

So there we were and she tells me she loves me I mean I don't mind I love her to but I didn't think she liked me back. As we sit there I looked into her brown eyes and kiss her. She was hesitant at first but kissed back. It felt like fire works went off in my stomach. This is a feeling that I never had when I kissed El. I slid my young across the bottom of her lip to ask for entrance. She granted me in and we fought for dominance. She soon gave up. I was now hovering over her kissing with all the passion I had in my body.( that's all that happened my dirty minded people 😏😂lol). She was such a good kisser and she made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Her lips were so soft. We moved in sync together. And I knew I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend I just didn't know how to ask her yet. We were like that for a while and I couldn't believe that I had kissed her. We soon had to break for air. But we both didn't really want to. " Lou ?" She said in a soft voice. " yeah?". " thank you for being my first kiss ever"! She blushed really red almost as red as her room. 0_0 what that was her first kiss well then she's a natural that kiss was amazing. " do you really think so Lou ? ". I blushed a deep red knowing I was think gout loud. I just nodded my head and she looked at me and we laid down. And I hummed a song ( how to save a life). She soon fell asleep and my eyes started to get droopy as I watched her sleep on my chest. I feel asleep and I had a dream where me an lux were on the beach and we were kissing. Best dream ever.

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