Louis cheats ?

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Louis pov

As I'm in bed with lux ( not like that all u dirty minded people ) I watch her sleep. she's so beautiful when she sleeps. she always looks so peace full. today we have to do something fun for her sake! all I wanna do is show her that she's worth something! that none of us will ever try to hurt her. as she lay there I didn't notice that she was staring at me. she looked at little embarrassed and I said " what what's wrong do I have something on my face"! She blushed even more and turned away. I laughter a little to myself knowing how shy she can be around me.

" Hey babe why did u turn away I like to see ur face when I wake up". she turned around and said " louis you don't have to pretend that I'm pretty I know I'm ugly and worthless and that one day you'll leave me"! by now she was crying and I started to tear up at what she said. why does she think so low of her self? " lux your the most beautiful girl I ever layer eyes on and I'll never leave you your to important to me"! she looked at me with red puffy eyes and leaned in and we kissed.

Lux pov

As we kissed sparks flew. his lips were so soft! they move in perfect sync with mine. His younger swiped the bottom of my lip and I felt goosebumps. I dint except though because I don't know how to kiss like that and I thought that I would be bad at it and mess it up. we pulled apart and he looked at me with concern. "babe what's wrong?!" (Said Lou) " It's nothing it's jut that I don't know how to kiss like that and I'm afraid that I'll be bad at I then you'll hate me like everyone else!"

" First off I want you to stop thinking that I'll hate you because all I ever want is you and you only and lux it's ok I know how that feels I mean when I first kissed like that I was scared to mess up to but it's ok I'll show you if u allow me."I nodded my head and he licked my bottom lip. I opened and louis out his younger in it searched every part if my mouth and soon we where fighting over Dominance he won. When he broke this kiss he leaned in my forehead each if us trying to catch our breath. I looked at him and he said that we're going to go to a water park ya! this sound like a lot of fun!

Eleanor pov

As I'm reading a magazine I notice that something about louis in there so I decide to read it. I read " louis tomlision has a new girlfriend as Lou just broke up with super model girl friend for cheating on him with another guy he finds new girl fast will he be able to keep a long and good relationship with this girl and how does Eleanor !" Yup I was so mad. He wasn't supposed to find someone new he was supposed to be creaking back to me! not some slut who he picked up on the side of the rode! why her ? I know I'll go to the water park I read that that's were the boys are going to today with that

b!tch ! I'm gonna make her and him pay !

Harry pov

I heard that we were going to the water park! I live the water park it's so fun there and maybe I'll be able to meet someone ! this is going to be amzayn ( lol u see what I did there! NO? ok I'll leave you alone now )

Zayn's pov

Omg were going to the water park this is going to be great. but awe man I'm gonna mess up my hair but it's only one day so I guess it's ok!

Niall pov

Yes where going to a water park I'm so excited!

Liam pov

Hey there going to a water park it sounds fun !

Louis pov

As we walked into the water park we all split up to go changed to our bathing suites. as all the lads an I walk out we're still waiting for lux. As we wait I see a body figure walk up to its Eleanor! wtf do I want I ask her in a cold way. she gave me and evil smirk and kissed me I tried to pull away bit every time I did she need me in the ba!!s. then lux came and she looked like she has been hit with bricks at the sight of this and she runs off. Eleanor finally pulls way and says " look at the little b!tch run away oops sorry Lou I didn't really mean to do it !" I pushed her way and ran after lux. it's a good thing Harry and he boys records it so now I can show lux!.

Lux pov

As I looked at louis I felt like it was hit with bricks ! he tells me he loves me then he cheats on me! wait did louis really cheat or was it a miss understanding! idk I just can't trust him till I have proof !

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