Dec 1st - Legends and Myths

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This one is for you, @JaneyJordan. Toronto, and all that ;-)

Dear Reader, if you don't like guy on guy action, don't read on. If you don't like fairy tale like stories, don't read on. If you like guy loving guys but are bored by legends, you might consider it. It's up to you. But the pic up front sums it up pretty good :-) 

From: Beauchamp, Berenice. Transcribing the Unthinkable. The Invention of Supernatural Epic Poetry in Scotland after 1746. Toronto: University Press, 2009.

Transcript by Berenice Beauchamp of: Herbert, Jezmael. Legends and Myths of The Wolfmen Tribes of Europe and the Far North. Inverness: Fraser&Sons Printing, 1762.

Once, a long time ago, there were wolfmen and men. Because they sang at night, the moon loved the wolfmen dearly, and because they sang during the day, the sun loved men.

One day, a man of the men went into the woods, to search for wood to build a house. He walked long days and nights, singing to the sun and listening to the wolfmen singing to the moon.

As the third day of his travels went by, he came across an oak, tall and strong enough to give him the wood he needed to build his house.

When he raised his axe to strike the tree down, a wolfman came out of the trees, demanding him to stop. The tree didn't belong to man or wolfman, but the wolfman loved to lie in its shadows, cradled between the roots.

The wolfman wanted to shift and ripp the man limb from limb.

Before he could do so, their eyes met and the wolfman's heart was silent for three beats. Then his heart started anew. Now, it only answered with a beat of its own, when the wolfman heard a beat of the heart in the man's chest.

"Why do you want the tree?", the wolfman asked.

"To build a house", the man answered.

"You can have the tree, if I can live in your house", the wolfman said.

For a long time they stood, until the man heard the heart of the wolfman answer to his own.

Together they cut the tree and brought it to were the man lived. They built the house in the rhythm of their hearts, calling for an answer in the other's chest.

They sang by day and lay together by night, the wolfman forgetting the wolf in him, but still they sang a song by night the moon loved as much as the song of the wolf.

One acorn they planted in front of their house and it grew into a tree, tall and strong, while love grew between their hearts.

The tree grew and grew, year after year, so high its branches carried part of the sky, the sun came down and walked by the house when it was time to sink, whispering to the man.

"Eat one hand full of dust from between the roots of your tree. Drink a hand full of water from the spring by your house. And when you sing to the moon, drink from your lover's love."

That night, the man followed the words of the sun, eating a handful of dust from between the roots of the oak, growing into the sky, and drank a hand full of water from the spring by the house they had build together. And later, under the full moon, he drank down every drop of his love's desire.

Time went by, and with every pass of the full moon over the sky, the gift of Sun grew deep inside the man, making his love remember the wolf, because the wolf could sing out the joy better than the small voice of a man ever could.

Moon after moon passed, until it was time for the child to be born. But because the sun had forgotten that a man wasn't build to bear a child, Death sat down under the tree to take the man and his child up onto the misty tops of the Mountain Ruh.

Neither man nor wolfman could see him, so while he waited for the child wanting to be born, he saw the love between wolfman and man, strong as the oak growing into the sky and tender as the first warm winds of spring.

To save half the heart in the wolfman's chest, Death decided to gift the child a silver dagger, to find a way out of the womb.

The sun went down, clad in fire and red, when she saw what her gift had done, heartbroken and never to return.

The moon saw down on the man in the arms of the wolfman, bleeding while the child followed the silver knife out into the world.

From high above the moon saw that Death didn't want to take the man to the far mountain, away from his wolfman and child, but the man was bleeding his strength into the ground, his heart getting weak, beating so slow it was neither call nor answer to his wolfman's heart.

The moon decided to give a gift of their own, after Sun and Death had given gifts to wolfman and man. And so the moon whispered into the wolfman's ear, making his fangs long and strong, to break through the man's skin and share the strength of the wolf in him.

The Wolf blessed the Moon's gift.

Healing under the gaze of Death, Moon, and Wolf, the man's heart beat stronger and his flesh closed over the wound of the birth.

The wolfman lost the ability to change into his wolf at will, but when the full moon rose, he and his man changed into wolves, singing their praise at the skies by day and by night.

The morning after the birth, Moon stood in the sky while wolfman and man sang to Sun. Glad that their gift hadn't destroyed love so deep, but ashamed that it had caused pain and fear to so many, this day, Sun walked behind Moon when she crossed from one horizon to the other, leaving Moon with a crown of gratitude and light.

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