Chapter twenty five - Christmas and drama

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I woke up the next morning with what felt like a hangover but was anything but - I could remember every little detail of last night but I still regretted it and ended up mortified

I groaned and turned around in the bed to find an empty room. I only got as far as the kitchen to make some coffee when the door opened and in walked Grayson wearing only some grey shorts hanging lower than they should be while sweat trickles down his abs

"What are you doing up?" He asks genuinely surprised I'm awake

"It's almost eleven hun" I turn around to him "plus I only had one drink last night so I'm fine"

He nods leaning up against the island not far from me

"I'm sorry abo-"

I shake my head "if you're apologising for last night then don't bother"

"But Patricia shouldn't be pissed when there's nothing going on" he runs a hand through his hair "maybe everyone's right, if you get a boyfriend sh-"

I roll my eyes turning away from him "Grayson I'm not getting a boyfriend just so you're sister will talk to me"

I turn back towards him "already passing me on to another guy? You don't wait long"

He sighs "Emma you know what I meant"

I put my hand on my forehead "your right. I'm sorry. I get why your doing all this, I just find it hard to pretend I'm happy about it"

"And I am?" He takes a step towards me

I slide out from under his arm "I can't do this Gray"

"Can't we at least be friends?"

I nod "We always were"

Christmas came around before I knew it. I had started taking more shifts at the gym and throwing myself into assignments so me and Grayson never really found the time to hang out anymore

"Yes dad I know, don't worry have fun and enjoy the dinner"

"Call me later ok?"

"Okay. Bye dad!" I hang up the phone before grabbing my jacket and making my way towards the door

"Where do you think your going?" Grayson stands in the way of the door

"The gym"

"It's closed"

"I have the key" I cross my arms "aren't you supposed to be at home you know eating Christmas dinner?"

"Aren't your you supposed to be getting ready you know to come with me?"

"I'm not going"


"Grayson no one wants me there" I shift uncomfortably "admit it and it's not like we've been talking a lot lately"

"I wonder why that is"

I roll my eyes and walk towards the bathroom

"Emma stop avoiding me" Grayson leans against the door stopping me from closing it

"I'm not" I Lie

He huffs "I'm sick of this"

He lets go of the door and walks away

I should have just closed the door but obviously that's not what I did

"You know what I'm sick of" I walk back into the room "the fact that your using some shit excuse about why nothing can happen between us w-"

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