Chapter nine - FaceTime and fights

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"Uh I hate this weather" Patricia rolls her eyes while jumping into my car

I laugh "I love it"

"How? You're so weird"

I laugh in response

It's been a week since the storm started and luckily it's calmed down now even though it's still raining so the school decided to unlock the doors but luckily it's a Saturday so there's still another two days until classes resume

"So where are we going? The mall and then for some food?" She asks

"Sounds like a plan" I say before driving off

We shopped in Victoria's Secret, Nike and loads of other shops and by the time we were sitting in the food court I had well and truly blew my spendings

"So have you heard back from the gym?" Tricia asks taking a bite of her burger

I nod smiling "I actually heard from them this morning I start tomorrow"

"I knew you'd get it" She grins "what will you be doing?"

I take a sip of my coke, what a great thing to be drinking now that I'm working in a gym "so basically for my first few shifts I'm going to be walking around helping people with machines and then eventually once I've gotten people to sign up I'll just have personal training sessions"

"That sounds so cool" she gushes "you'll still have enough time to hang out though right?"

I laugh "Of course"

"Wait so how are you and Grayson in the same year in college if you aren't twins?" I ask

"He's actually older than us" she tells me "he took a year off before starting college and at the time we didn't realise we'd be going to the same place"

I nod "do you've any other brothers and sisters?"

"We have a little sister, Ali she's three" she smiles at the thought of her "you?"

"I've three older brothers. Mark who's the oldest, Tom and Reece. I'm closest to Mark but I don't get to see him a lot because he travels for work"

She laughs "I need to meet these brothers of yours"

"What about this secret boy of yours?" I raise my eyebrow smirking

She winks "he can get over it"

I was sitting in the empty dorm on my bed, drinking my water with my long t-shirt and shorts on as my pyjamas, make up less, glasses on and my hair up in a messy ponytail when I got a FaceTime call - but it wasn't just any FaceTime call it was Mark

I answered as soon as his picture lit up the screen

"Hey bro" I smile at the boy on the other side of the phone

"How's my favourite sister" he grins

I roll my eyes smiling nonetheless "I don't know how she is but I'm good"

"Where are you now?"

"New York"

I pout and he laughs

"I've stuff to finish up before the wedding"

"You're going to that?" I frown

He sighs "Em, I know you don't want to go, neither do I but she's our m-"

"She already has a daughter that looks like me" I say sourly

"You know that's not true"

"Then how come my lookalike has came to see me and since I've came to LA I haven't heard from her"

"What about this" he says softly "you come to New York before the wedding and we'll talk and no one needs to know you're there"

I nod "least I get to see you"

He smiles "it's been a while"

We continue talking about random things until Mark gets a call from work

"Emma can you post a pic with me on your Instagram" Clare barges into my room later that night "since you posted with Trish she's gotten like 1000 extra followers"

I roll my eyes and throw my phone down on my bed "I'm deleting my account" I mutter

"And why would you do that?"

"I wasn't meant to get that much followers, I just posted normal pics"

"Why don't you just make a separate account"

"Or I could just give you mine"

"Yes please" she laughs

She stands up a few minutes later and pays the imaginary dust off her jeans "anyway I better go it's getting late and if I walk in and wake my roommate up she'll kill me" she laughs "good luck at your job tomorrow though"

I smile "thanks babes"

My first day working in the gym went well but getting up at 6am to prepare for it didn't. Luckily because I wasn't actually working out, I was just helping other people meant I didn't have to change out of my workout clothes before I got home

I once again walked into the dorm and threw my keys into the bowl

Once I got into view of my roommate, I stopped in my tracks - he was shirtless but that's not why I stopped, it was the bruise on his cheekbone that caught my eye

"What happened?" I raise my eyebrow

He takes a drink out of the glass of whisky in his hand "I was at the gym forgot to cover with my right hand"

I cross my arms "you're lying and you have been since I've been here"

He rolls his eyes "what are you a detective now?"

"I'm just back from the gym pretty sure I would have seen you if you were there" I deadpan

"That's once" he crosses his arms in a defensive manner

"You claim to be with girls all the time yet I never see you with them and don't hear them brag about it"

He smirks trying to lighten the mood and change the subject "that's because it's a one tim thing"

I roll my eyes "I don't buy it"

"What are you now anyway? A stalker" he takes another drink "because the last I checked I wasn't jealously following you around trying to get into your bed"

"Fuck you" I snap before storming out

I don't know where I planned on going since I only had my keys and had left my phone in the dorm so I ended up just going back to the gym so I could punch something that wasn't a wall

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