Chapter thirteen - flights and conversations

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"Grayson, we're going to miss our flight. Hurry up" I cross my arms at the boy on front of me who's too busy checking girls out to go to his departure gate

He looks at me with a smirk on his face "It's not like you even want to go to this wedding"

I give him a look and start walking in the opposite direction "yeah but I want to see my brother"

"More like you want the excuse to share a bed with me" He falls into step with me

"I've done that before and it was nothing special" I grin up at him

He rolls his eyes, smiling nonetheless "that's because you were being a good girl"

"And I won't be this time?" I raise my eyebrow

"You're not a good girl and you can't resist me" He winks

I roll my eyes "watch me"

When we get to the gate, nearly everyone is in a line waiting to go out to the plane but instead me and Grayson sit down and wait

By the time we got to New York it was 7pm their time

"Where are we staying?"Grayson asks while we wait for our luggage

"A hotel, not far from here" I tell him and my phone beeps

It was from my mother

Hello darling, your flight has landed hopefully you have got off it. I'm very sorry that none of us will be at the airport, me and Cas have to get fitted! Not long now!


I roll my eyes and put my phone back in my bag

"Don't worry" I breath out "there's no one here to interrogate you about being my 'boyfriend'"

"They're not here?" He looks down at me

"Dad and my brothers probably don't even know I'm here. I'll text them later" I fix my hair behind my ear "and mother, well her and my stunt double are getting their dresses fitted"

"You all good?" He sounds serious for once

I nod and smile at him "Yeah thanks"

"Wait brothers?" He asks "I thought you only had one"

I cross my arms "when's my birthday?"

He stays quiet

"My last name?"

He gives me a look

"My favourite food?"

"Pizza" he grins proudly

"Chinese you idiot" I grab my bag from the collection point and Grayson does the same "I'm seriously going to have to teach you about me before they meet you"

When we got to the hotel I had a shower and changed into my tracksuits

"So what do you need to teach me?" Grayson walks out of the bathroom after having a shower

He smirks when he notices me looking at his abs for a second longer than I should have. He was wearing grey half length shorts and there was still some water drops on his abs

He sits down on the double bed and crosses his arms

"My birthday is January first-"

"January second, this couldn't be that hard" he mutters

I huff and glare at him

His smirk widens "I'm just kidding"

"So your birthday is January first, you have three brothers, your full name is Emma Chloe Hayes...." Grayson continues to list out the things I've told him about myself

I look at my phone and notice that we've been sharing information for the past two hours

Grayson told me about himself too, his birthday is July 20th so he ends up being two years older than me for a few months

"Any plans for your 21st then?" I ask after changing into some shorts and crop top for bed

"I don't know I'll probably just have a party in our dorm and trash it" I give him a look and he smirks "come on babe, it's me as long as alcohol and girls are involved I don't care"

I roll my eyes and get into the double bed of the massive room, it's decorated in gold and white colours - you'd think my mom would have more of a problem with me sharing a room with my 'boyfriend'

"You're disgusting" I mutter

"Like I haven't noticed you sneaking out of boys rooms at unearthly times of the morning he smirks

"That was once and I was drunk" I retaliate "and you were coming back from a girls room when you seen me"

The time he's talking about was after a dorm party and I never actually slept with the boy, I saw Grayson go into our dorm with a girl and crashed there but I'd never tell him that. I've obviously had hookups but for some reason not much boys here seem worth my time

I pick my phone up from the bedside locker and see that I've got a few unread messages and I open the one from Patricia

Hope you're enjoying NYC!! Everything's still shit here aka I'm going out to get drunk tonight🤪

I felt bad leaving Patricia seen as I'm the only one that knows what's going on

I type a quick reply

Still haven't talked to him yet then?💘

It takes her a minute to answer

Maybe he'll be out tonight who knows

And there's only two ways that will end babes🤩 let me know is my response

Maybe I should be telling her to stay away from Luke while they're both drunk but if they argue they're eventually going to sort it out or if they sleep together they'll have to sort it out in the morning

I'm a shit friend

"We have to go to a family dinner tomorrow" I tell Grayson after reading the message from my mother

It turns out my brothers and dad know I'm here, they all text welcoming us and apologising for why they couldn't make the airport and also telling me they're proud of me for coming

"Sounds fun" he says in a voice that sounds anything but excited

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