Chapter sixteen - Challenges and rambling

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Being a mom at such a young age wasn't something I planned on doing. Don't get me wrong I love babies and more times than none I get broody for a baby but there was no way in hell I planned on having one at nineteen never mind with my idiot of a roommate

"Grayson" I mutter throwing one of the babies teddy's at him in attempt to wake him "it's your turn to get up"

He mutters profanities under his breath before shuffling out of bed. I smile and snuggle deeper into my bedsheets but it's short lived when instead of helping the baby, Grayson decides to pull open the curtains revealing the morning sunshine

Now you may be wondering what's happening? What baby? Me and Grayson? Is it months later?

Well here at Greenvale University California, you don't just attend your lectures they decide to take it a little bit further than high school and your typical college they like to prepare you for unexpected circumstances or later life and a prime example is what's happening right now....

It's what they call the baby challenge. A challenge where you and your roommate who in my case happens to be a boy, have to babysit a battery controlled baby which will be monitored by the university for 48 hours

Sounds fun? It's not

"I'm going to throw this little shit out the window in a minute" Grayson runs a hand throw his already messy hair

"And then you can pay the price of the little shit" I deadpan

Grayson picks up said baby, rubbing his back soothingly "Can't you just take the day off classes and take it"

"It's name is Kayla" I cross my arms. Yes we were forced to name the battery controlled toy "and no I took her to classes yesterday you can deal with her today"

"You took her for the two classes we had her"

"Because you wouldn't"

"Well I have somewhere I need to be tonight so you can take her then" he mutters taking s drink of his water

I stood beside him at the counter "I'm working"

"I'm busy"

"Doing what"

"Nothing you need to know"



"I can't bring the baby to work, how would I be able to explain that"

"Well I can't either"

"I swear if it's a booty call"

"And you'd need to know that why?"

I break the eye contact and turn toward the sink "dumbass"

I got back to the dorm at four. I had a little under and hour to spare before I had to leave for work so I decided to have a quick shower to wash away all the stresses of the day

If happened to be a warm day so I decided to wear some cycling shorts and a cropped sweatshirt. I put my hair into a messy ponytail before walking out of the bathroom

The sound of a crying baby is first to hit my ears. I walk further into the room to see Grayson scrolling through his phone on his bed while the baby is thrown on mine

"I hate you" I say picking Kayla up

"That shit has been crying in every class" he throws his phone on his bed "so if you even think of getting me to bring it with me I'm leaving it here"

I roll my eyes "there's been babies crying in every class Grayson, it's all part of it"

"Still not taking it"

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