Chapter twenty three - Netflix and dinner

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I plopped down at the lunch table a frown etched onto my face mainly because me and Patricia still haven't made up

"Wonder how you got that hickey" she mutters sticking a fork into her salad with a little more force than needed

"Seriously? Can we not just eat in peace" I roll my eyes

"Not with you at the table" she snaps before getting up and walking away

"Uh... what's wrong with you and Tricia?" Maddie asks after a minute

Everyone else at the table had their eyes glued to me

I shrug "she's being petty"

"About what?" Jordan asks

"Probably her and G" Wes jokes and there's a few giggles

"Oh my god it's actually about you and Grayson isn't it" Clare stops laughing when I don't join in

"She's overreacting there's nothing going on between us"

"Maybe you should prove it then"


"Getting a boyfriend?"

"How's that supposed to help?" Graysons pipes up. He was sitting beside me with his arms crossed and a frown also etched onto his face

"Then she knows your off limits" Maddie responds in a duh tone

"Guys I'm not getting a boyfriend just to keep Patricia happy" I interrupt "she could at least be happy for me if there was something going on"

"You can kind of see where she's coming from though can't you?" Luke defends her and only I know the reason for that

"What one of her closest friends banging her brother?" I reply raising an eyebrow

He looks down realising that's exactly his situation 

"This is stupid" I mutter before getting up and walking away

I was in the dorm watching the television when Grayson walks in. He doesn't say anything instead he pulls off his tshirt and puts on a short sleeved button up

"Why are you so dressed up, got a job interview or something?" I look at him

"I'm going out with the boys" he responds sounding off with me "actually can I have this place to myself tonight you know just in case" he smirks

I frown "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I want the dorm to myself" He snaps "ever since you came here you acted like I couldn't get laid, like I'm the type of guy that's not going to fuck around just for you and let's be honest your too much of a good girl to put out"

I stand up and grab my jacket and slam the dorm door behind me

I walked to the other side of the campus and knocked on Maddie's room door

She opens the door a few seconds later a few seconds later

"What's up?" She asks standing at the kitchen counter

"Graysons what's up" I mutter sitting on one of the island stools

"What happened?"

"He came back in a pissed mood and said that I won't let him have the dorm to bring girls back" I roll my eyes "and told me to give it to him tonight"

"What did you say?"

I shrugged "I just stormed out"

"You gonna go back?"

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