Chapter fourteen - Dinner and Insults

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"You never told me we'd be going to a family dinner, you said it would only be a wedding" Grayson complains

I roll my eyes "like I knew my divorced parents were going to come together to have a huge dinner the day before my moms wedding"

He runs a hand through his hair in an undeniable hot way "Well where are we going? Is it fancy or casual dress?"

I walk over to his huge duffle bag

"Here, wear this" I throw a navy blue shirt and black jeans at him

He gives me a mock salute

"And roll the shirt up" I say without realising

He smirks but I don't give him time to make a comment before I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower

After showering I changed into a blue flowy romper before quickly blow drying my hair and putting loose curls into it. I quickly done my make up before leaving the bathroom

When I came out Grayson had already changed. I tried to bite back my smile when I noticed he had taken my advice and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt - which accentuated what he works for in the gym some how

"You can take a picture if you want" Grayson smirks "I won't judge"

My face warms up and I become thankful I put on foundation. I roll my eyes and put my hand on my hips "I hate you"

He stands up "Ready?"

We got to the restaurant a few minutes early meaning we had to wait outside, luckily the fidgeting boy beside me kept me distracted

"Seriously Grayson, I've seen you do worse things and meeting my family is what's making you nervous" I try not to laugh

He rolls his eyes running his hand through his hair "I've actually met most of them before" he mutters and straightens up once he notices something behind me

I turn around to see my mother, her fiancé and my stunt double walking towards us. My mother was wearing her usual attire, which consisted of a long red summer dress while Cassidy was in a tight black dress that was shorter than it should be

I held back my eye roll

I don't know if it was because he sensed my uncomfortableness or if it was because of his but Grayson laced our fingers together

"Emma you're early" my mother says as the three stand in front of us with a sweet voice she never uses on me "for once" she mutters

"Hey mom" I say plastering a fake smile on my face "this is Grayson, Gray this is my mom Tracy"

"So someone has actually shown an interest in you" my mom smiles "how much are you paying him"

Cassidy's laugh rattles in my ears "mom don't be so silly, she's obviously has something on him"

I don't get time to respond when my dad and three brothers walk up to us, lifting my mood. Grayson let's go of my hand to shake my dads while I run up to Mark and give him a hug

"How's things going?" He asks

"They've said like 3 sentences and in those 3 sentences I've been insulted every time" I roll my eyes

"That'll stop now" he smiles

I give Tom and Reece a quick hug before introducing Grayson to everyone. Mark and him seem to hit it off straight away surprisingly much to my dismay seen as I'm not actually dating Grayson

We sat down at the long table in the busy restaurant. The waitress came up a few minutes later asking if we wanted any drinks

"I'll have some wine thanks" I smile at the girl

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