Chapter twenty four - jealousy and whispers

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"Emma get up we're going to the gym" Grayson throws my blanket off me

I run my eyes letting them focus on the alarm clock in the dark room before groaning "When I said that last night I didn't mean at five am in the morning"

"Training with me is training at five am babe" he winks after turning on the light

Forty minutes later, we parked outside the empty gym. I grabbed my duffle bag from the back before getting out of the car

"So what am I training?" I smirk turning around to face Grayson

He smirks "your second best assets"

"And my first?"

Graysons eyes stay trained on the sports bra I'm wearing, the smirk never disappearing. "Your eyes" he flicks his gaze towards them

I shake my head smiling nonetheless "your such a flirt"

"Only for you baby"

The huskiness in his voice creates knots in my stomach. The type I know I shouldn't have

Almost an hour later I've done a twenty minute run on the treadmill, done all types of squats and hip thrusts

"Drop to the floor and give me twenty"

I huff before doing what he says

"Your stance is all wrong" he corrects

I roll my eyes "then fix it"

I immediately regret what I said when his cold hands land on my back and stomach before straightening my back

I try to ignore the tingling on my skin and finish the twenty push ups but get no where

"Can you stop doing that. You're distracting me"

He leans down, breath fanning my neck "my touch distracts you?"

"Whatever" I mutter "it means nothing"

"Keep telling yourself that" he smirks before lifting me back to my feet with him

"I'm going for a shower" I sigh and walk towards the bathroom when we get back to the dorm

"I can scrub your back for you"

"Uhhh" I complain "I'm never telling you anything again"

"If it makes you feel any better babe, I think your hot too"

"How sweet of you" The sarcasm rolls off my tongue as I shut the bathroom door behind me

In the aftermath of recent discoveries that Im feeling a little more than I should for my roommate I decided to make myself feel better by going on a shopping spree

It's been weeks since I've started to realise my feelings and unfortunately they were weeks full of me hanging out and training with Grayson. Weeks where we were finally friends and I can't let my feelings ruin that

The dorm was empty when I got back so I decided that instead of sitting by myself and overthinking everything, to go to the barbecue

I pulled my huge jacket tighter to me when the chilly winter air hit me. The forest was full of Christmas lights draping from tree to tree and even one tree had lights wrapped around it like a giant Christmas tree

"Hey trickster" Grayson walks up to me and wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me into his chest

"Hey" I laugh pushing against his chest to stand straight up

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