Chapter one - Roomates and sisters

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"So you're dorm is on Prestwick side on level 3 room F76" the receptionist sitting on front of me tells me

I smile at her picking up my keys and phone from the desk on front of me. I thank her once I stand up before making my way back outside to walk towards Prestwick side

It wasn't a long walk to the apartment building but it was a long drive to get here, so my tiredness and my make up weren't doing too well

A group of who I assume to be college students walked out of the elevator laughing before I could get in but while I was waiting to get to the third floor I fixed up my hair and the baby pink duffel bag I had over my shoulder

I slid my key into the door of apartment F76 and turned it before walking in. The door had a small hallway with a big mirror on the smaller wall. It had a door leading in to what I assumed was the bathroom

"Here for round two babe?" a shirtless brunette boy walks around the corner with a smirk on his face

I tilt my head to the side "she's gone babe"

"Eyes are up here babe" he smirks and I look up from his abs

"Ditto babe" I retort as his attention shifts downwards

"Can you blame me? You're wearing small tight clothes" I look down at my fitted grey tracksuits and a white crop top "why are you here anyway? To clean my room?"

I fake smile "Funny" I lift up my key "this means I'm your roommate get used to it"

I walk past him and throw my duffle bag on the ground beside the 'unused' bed

"That's my bed" The cocky brunette leans against the bed I have just lay down on

I lift the upper half of my body up resting on my elbows "Well the other bed you used for.... extra curricular activities, so that's now your bed"

"Ok ms know it all"

"It's Emma"

"Emma what a goody two shoes name" he crosses his arms smirking

I roll my eyes "do I look like a goody two shoes?"

"I mean I could test you to find out" he smirks

I tilt my head to the side "and fuckboy of the year award goes to-"

"Grayson Ryder" his smirk widens as he interrupts me

His cocky conceited comments went on for another while before I went for a shower

"That's weird you know how to change a bed?" I sarcastically comment walking out of the bathroom wearing a white oversized t-shirt that I use as a dress mainly because I like the way it contrasts with my tanned skin

He gives me a fake smile "I thought I'd try, don't get used to it"

I make myself some hot chocolate and sit up on one of two high stools we have on the opposite side of the small room as the beds

That proved to be a bad idea when Grayson messily left the blanket on his bed and walked over to me. Once he got to a close proximity, I noticed he still wasn't wearing a shirt. His hands landed on the top of my thighs and slowly make their way further up

I can't deny Graysons hot and that this has an effect on me but I'm not going to let him see that

"What're you trying to do" I raise an eyebrow at him as he smirks "because it's obviously not working"

His smirk widens "it's not working?" His thumbs massage my inner thighs

I swallow the lump in my throat hoping my voice won't let me down "nope so if I were you, I'd give up"

"You know that won't last sweetheart"

"Oooh sweet talking me" I smirk "that desperate"

"Not desperate" he corrects still smirking "just trying to prove a point"

"And that is?"

"You can't resist me" His lips are about to connect with my neck when the dorm room door is opened

"Ever heard of knocking" Grayson rolls his eyes at the blonde girl who just barged in

The blonde crosses her arms and rolls her eyes "You're now importing girls from other colleges to your room for sex? That's a low even for you"

I can see Grayson trying not to laugh out of the corner of my eye so I spin my chair to face the girl

"Hey, I'm Emma Hayes, his roommate and by the way I wasn't going to have sex with him" I smile at her sweetly slightly offended but the fact she thinks I look like someone who would come all the way here just to sleep with him

Ok so maybe my outfit and the situation we were in when she got here had something to do with that

Her cheeks tinge pink "oh my god, I'm so sorry it's just he's my brother and I know what he's like and I've never seen you around"

I giggle "it's fine seriously, I've been here less than a day and I already know what he's like"

Graysons sister throws a pillow at him "you idiot why did you let me say that"

Grayson laughs in response

"I'm Patricia by the way but call me Trisha" she smiles at me "I'm surprised this place let you have a dorm room with a boy"

"They don't let you?" I ask

She shakes her head "Actually there's a party tomorrow night before we go back to classes on Monday, you should definitely come"

I nod "I might see you there"

She nods before asking her brother to come outside so she can talk to him

I wash my mug and lie in my bed, looking through my social media's

Grayson walks in a few minutes later not looking very happy but I don't say anything because it's none of my business

Neither of us say anything for the rest of the night, he was playing a game on his phone with stupid background music while I text everyone at home to say I got here safely

Now all I have to do is try to make some friends

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