Chapter seventeen - Offers and interruptions

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"Hey Emma, can I speak to you for a moment?" My boss stands at her office door looking at me expectantly

I nod and follow her into her office. I feel like I'm in high school again as she takes a seat behind her big desk that's covered in stacks of sheets while I take a seat on one of the two chairs opposite her

"Is everything alright?" I ask

"I'm sorry, I know you're not actually here because your working and your actually here to workout" she gives me a sweet smile "but I know your a college student and you could probably use all the money you can get at the minute"

I nod wearily not knowing where this is going

"And thats not the only reason I'm telling you about this" she adds "you've worked hard in the gym anyone could see that and you have a unforgettable beauty to you"

"Thank you?"

"Well I have a friend that needs a model if you'd be interested" she informs me "I'm not saying it's anything big. At the minute it's only a small one time thing, you might be in some magazines or on some tabloids but nothing huge"

I smile "seriously? Of course I'd be interested"

"I'll send her over your details" she smiles "I've already told her about you briefly. I really think this could be good for you"

"Now get your ass back out there and finish your workout"

I thank her again before standing up

"See you at work" I smile before walking out of her office

"OMG YOUR GOING TO BE A MODEL" Patricia screams causing people at other tables to cast us weird looks

"Shh. Your bringing attention to us" I hush her casting everyone else in the cafe a sympathetic smile

She rolls her eyes playfully "like you don't already do that"

"So how's everything going with the idiot your sleeping with?" I ask taking a sip of my hot chocolate

"Why don't you like him?"

"You deserve better"

"No I don't"

I raise an eyebrow

"You don't see what I see" she tells me with a smile on her face. The type of smile you get when you like someone "you see the dick side of him I see the real side"

"You like him" I state

"I do"

I nod giving her a smile "then that's all I need to know"

"You're ok with it?" She sounds shocked

"Of course" I tell her "what type of shit friend would I be if I didn't. If he makes you happy then I'm happy"

She puts her hand on mine "thank you"

"Wow I'm so jealous" I admit "you can get it whenever you want"

"Why don't you just go have some random hookup with one of your dorm neighbours?"

I let out a breath "for them to go brag about it and expect it to happen again. No thank you"

She smirks "well there is one person that you could get some off no strings attached"

It takes me a minute to realise who she's talking about it

"Ew why are you so dead set on me bedding your brother" I scrunch up my nose

"Because you could be the one to change him"

"Change him?"

"You know the one that changes the bad boy player" she looks at me like I'm stupid

"Patricia, I've read those books too and believe me when I tell you that doesn't happen in real life"

"You don't know that"

"Let's not talk about this"

"It's only a matter of time babe" she mutters "only a matter of time"

"That's two dollars" the cashier said looking anywhere but at me

I handed her the money and picked up the chocolate bars giving her a small smile before walking away

I walked out into the cool night breeze stopping on the corner to try and remember what way to go. The reality of making the bad decision of walking to the supermarket for the first time at 12am kicking in

"Stupid.... stupid.... stupid" I mutter to myself walking in a random direction

A few minutes and streets later, I start fumbling through my bag to find my phone to get directions back to campus but let I let out and agitated sigh when the item isn't in my bag

The street I was on was different compared to the others. Instead of being lit up by bright shop and restaurant lights, it was dark with minimum street lights and overall it felt creepy

I fumbled with my bag, something I tend to do when I'm nervous and stared straight ahead to avoid looking down the dark alleyways

"I told you last time not to mention that R" An angry male voice shouted from the alleyway in front of me

I stopped in my tracks and leant against a wall hoping whoever they were would leave without noticing me

There's a snigger "and I told you not to test me" a second voice responds just as loud and angry "we both know I can beat you. I do every time"

The sound of fighting starts

I decide to peak into the dark alley and see multiple figures standing standing so their backs are to me and more people standing opposite them like it's a showdown

Call me stupid for staying but something about the whole thing felt weird and as much as I wanted to I just couldn't

Punches were being thrown with some of the men falling to the ground before attempting to get back up and run off. That continues for another few minutes before the sound of a gunshot went off

I held my breath, the realisation dawning on me that this wasn't just a typical teenage fight over something stupid and the extent of my stupidness for staying

Some of the men that didn't have to their backs to me scramble except for one

"You and I both know the next time I won't miss" One of the voices from before growls threateningly

Everyone started walking separate ways and I took that as my queue to sneak away

I didn't make it far before a hand roughly grabbed my wrist before pulling me into the dark alleyway

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