Chapter twenty seven

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I heard the sound of pacing and hushed voices but my eyes just wouldn't open. The sharp pain in my head and the stinging of what felt like some cuts, instantly swarmed memories of what had happened before this to my mind

I tried to say something when I realised that something was around my mouth stopping me. My intelligence started to come back after that, I noticed how my wrists were tied together, along with my ankles

It took me what felt like forever before I could get my eyes to open and when they finally did I wished they hadn't. I was in some sort of basement, it was dark apart from the light that was shining through the cell windows that were about the size of my hand on the top of the wall telling me that it was seedy morning

I could see a group of three men huddled together on the other side of the empty room while I looked like I had been thrown down onto the ground and tied to the bar.

My legs, arms and most likely my face was covered in cuts, bruises and dirt indicating that I'm probably lucky I was knocked out for whatever had happened me so far

I let out a muffled groan when water from a pipe above me hit one of my cuts stinging it like hell.

That's when they noticed me.

And I wished they hadn't.

One of the men, a bald and older looking one than from before walked up to me and roughly pulled the cloth from around my mouth

"She's awake" another one, with black hair, laughs walking towards

"Why am I here?" I try to sound confident but my lack of voice lets me down

The bald one bends down beside me "that little boyfriend of yours needs to be thought a lesson"

I immediately knew who they were talking about

"He's not my boyfriend" I spit out "and he won't care"

"Oh yes he will" the ugly bald man let's out a disguising laugh along with the two behind him "but don't go hoping he's going to notice you're gone, he's gone home for the holidays and when he's back you've left him a note saying college isn't your thing"

The raspy evilness of his voice is enough to make me want to cry from being terrified

"No ones coming to find you" he puts his dirty hands on my upper thigh making me instantly regret wearing shorts and a crop top to the gym

His hand starts to move up my leg slightly so I do the first thing that comes to mind - I spit in his face. "Don't. Touch. Me"

He stands up laughing

"We'll do a lot more than touch you" He turns to look at me "before we kill you"

"Then kill me now"

The last thing I seen was his foot aiming for my face

The door slammed causing me to open my eyes. I noticed the 'jogger' from earlier walking towards me a sly grin on his face

"You get some sort of hit out of this" I bite out "torturing people who has nothing to do with anything?"

He laughs cupping my chin to make me look up at him "sweetie I get a hit out of every little thing I get to do to you"

"You are sick" I move my face to the side to get out of his grasp

He lets out an evil chuckle "looks like you wore the perfect clothes for what I plan"

I kick his foot to make him fall from sitting on his hunkers

"You are a sick person" I breath out "your sad with no life and you'll end up alo-"

I'm interrupted by the force of a slap

"You May be able to fight back now but by the time we're finished with you. You'll have to sit through it all"

He starts to walk out and just before he leaves he shouts back "and don't expect any food or water"

Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days until eventually I lost count of how long I'd been in this stupid basement

I'd got knocked out at least once every day for trying to fight back or stopping them from touching me

After what felt like forever I had finally given up hope of being found - they were right nobody was going to notice I was gone before it was too late

I haven't got any food or water for a few days as a 'punishment' and so far I haven't seen anyone since I've woke up

The basement door opened and the bald man, that of come to know goes by the name of Gerry and is the 'leader' walks in

I could barely lift my head to look up at him as he walked towards me from my lock of food and all the beating I had gotten

He bent down beside me and hit my cheek to try keep me awake "two more hours and your finished"

"Why tonight?" I managed to breath out through painful breaths

He laughs "that stupid boyfriend of yours returns tomorrow and he's going to realise he's lost his precious little angel"

I didn't react to what he had said, I should've been crying but over the time I've been here I've done that enough

True to his word what must have been two hours later Gerry and the only other three members walked in

"Time for the fun to start" Gerry smirks taking out his pocketknife

I wanted to move, to try and get away I really did but I couldn't, I could hardly keep my eyes open

The first place to burn with pain was my thigh. Suddenly there was a sharp pain all over my back. The next slash from the knife was just above my boob

It only took a few more minutes before I was ready to go. For this to be over

The one that done the least to me so far, opened a can he had been holding a started to pour a liquid around the room and when he poured the remainder all over me I instantly smelt the petrol

"You didn't think we'd end it quickly for you did you" Gerry laughs and the four of them light a lighter each before dropping them in four different areas of the room engulfing it in fire

And then they left

It spread quickly and it wasn't far away from me. I already felt like I was on fire from the heat and the door was covered in fire

I had given up

That was until I heard my name being shouted by a voice I thought I'd never hear again

"Emma" Grayson shouted opening the door to see the fire


And then everything went black

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