Chapter twelve - Gym sessions and invitations

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"Hey Emma" my boss smiles at me when I walk into the office Sunday morning

It's currently 6:30am and I still have a hangover from Maddie's birthday party on Friday

"Hey" I smile putting my bag in my locker

"You want coffee?"

I nod "that would be great thanks"

She pushes the glass on front of me and we both sit down around the oval shaped table

"Harry is running a bit late today but it's never busy in the morning anyway" she informs me "anyone that comes this early usually know what they're doing"

"Actually now that I think of it" she stands up and walks over to the schedule book "good news, you've got your first PT session at 8"

I smile "that's great"

Well it would be great if I hadn't decided to go out drinking with Patricia last night to make her feel better about Luke needless to say it didn't work

"So What'd you get up to this weekend?" She sits back down on front of me

"I had my friends surprise party on Friday" I tell her "what about you? Anything exciting?"

My boss wasn't a typical gym place boss, she was actually a really sweet woman in her mid fifties, she definitely looks like she's worked out most of her life. Sometimes she's out with the machines helping other times she's behind the desk collecting people's money if they don't have a membership

"I was at the hospital, my daughter had a baby girl" she smiles

"Aw congratulations" I smile

I spent the next hour walking around the gym helping and talking to some of the people that were already here

The bell that dings when it's time for a pt sessions went off so I made my way back downstairs to where they'd be waiting

"Hey sorry I lost track of time" I say walking up to the boy with his back turned to me

Let's hope he's some eye candy

"Wouldn't expect anything less from you" the brunette turns around with a smirk on their face

My smile turns into a frown and I cross my arms "Grayson what are you doing here" I huff out a breath

"For personal training session Emma, why else?"

"You don't need one"

"Are you flirting with me?" His smirk widens and my frown deepens

"You're a dick" I mutter

"You want to see my dick" he leans in and whispers in my ear "Emma this is a public place"

"I hate you"

"Well you're talking to me aren't you" he fixes his duffle bag on his shoulder "looks like my plan worked"

"If you think for a second that I'm going easy on you, you've got another thing coming"

"Try me" he smirks before walking towards the changing rooms

"I thought you were good at the gym?" I smirk almost an hour later "from what I've seen you really do need my help"

Grayson puts the weights down and runs his hands through his hair

"Well I'm sort of distracted" he grunts "your the one doing squats and every other exercise you can think of on front of me"

I leave my weights on the ground and get up from my quaking position before putting my hand on his shoulder

"I told you I wasn't going easy on you" I smirk

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