Chapter two - insults and parties

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"Why are you going to this party anyway it's not like you know anyone there?" Grayson asks with a towel wrapped around his waist

I look around from the mirror I'm currently looking in to do my make up "and staying here is the place I'm going to meet people dumbass" I put my foundation brush on the ground "plus I know your sister"

He rolls his eyes "who even moves to a college half way through the year anyway" he mutters

I look at him through the mirror "keep trying maybe one of the insults might actually get to me"

"Your sitting on the ground to do your makeup and I'm the stupid one?"

"Do you see space in this room for a desk?" I raise an eyebrow

He just rolls his eyes

It's currently 10:30pm and the last thing I want to do is go to this stupid part but then Grayson, who has been a real pain in the ass all day, decided to start piping up so now I'm going even though I'll be like two hours late

I spent my day unpacking my clothes into the mini wardrobe on my side of the room while Grayson made smartass remarks

By the rime is finished my hair and make up, Grayson was ready

I walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later after changing into my outfit

"It's going to look so stupid us walking in together" he comments not looking up from his phone

"Well I didn't ask you to wait did I?" I retort looking at my outfit in the mirror. I'm wearing a tight red dress with a pair of black nike airs and my waist length hair is down and curled

"Little tip" Grayson says just before we walk in the door of the party "don't get too fucked, it's not like you know anyone to bring you back and I'm not gonna"

"Sweet as always" I shoot him a fake smile "and I can handle my drink"

I walk into the party. It was in one of the biggest dorm rooms in the rich dorm room buildings if you would even call them dorm rooms. The downstairs room with a few couches in different places and a table full of drinks was packed, there was a spiralling stairs going up to the second floor and you could probably guess what was happening up there

I walked through the sweaty bodies grinding against each other to get to the drinks

"Hey Emma, you came" Patricia walked over to me while I was pouring myself a drink

I smile at her "I thought I might as well try to make a impression"

"Well you did" she scans over my outfit "you must go to the gym so much for that body"

I laugh "it took awhile"

"Let me introduce you to my friends" she grabs my hand "before i get you too drunk" she adds with a wink

We walk up to a brunette with shoulder length hair and a blonde standing beside her

"This is Emma" she tells them "Emma, this is Maddie" she points at the brunette and then the blonde "and this is Clare"

"Hey" I smile and they smile back

It doesn't take us long to get comfortable with each other and by the time it was 2 am we were all wasted

"So any boys caught yer eyes?" I ask them over the loud music

We were sitting at a table with for high stools, none of us caring that it's not what you usually do at parties

"I've got a boyfriend back home" Maddie sighs

"Where are you from?"

"Arizona" she tells me "I know it's not far but doesn't mean I don't miss him like hell"

"Did you go see him over the holidays?"

"Yeah I got back yesterday"

I nod

"You two?"

"We've has hookups here and there but no one special" Trisha tells me and Clare agrees

"You?" Clare asks

I shake my head "the only boy I've properly seen is Grayson and I'm not looking for anything like that at the minute anyway"

Maddie gasps "you're Graysons hot new roommate"

I nod confused

"Everyone's been talking about you" Clare informs me

"They know I'm a girl right?"

They nod "they said you were pretty but I didn't think you were this pretty, you've got body, hair and face goals"

I smile "thanks, you guys do too"

I decided to go back to my dorm at almost 3, I had loads of fun with the girls but I have a good bit to do tomorrow before classes start on Monday

I throw my keys in the basket inside the door, the sound of my roommate and another girl having 'fun' causes me to roll my eyes

I cross my arms and walk further into the room, my purposeful cough caused them to both look up at me, the girl gasps trying to cover her nakedness

I can see Graysons smirk, and when I notice he's decided to bring the girl to my bed I see red

"Do me a favour and get out" I say to the girl losing my patience

She nods and throws her loose dress over her head before scurrying our if the room

"You are the biggest dick I have ever met" I grit my teeth at him "I swear to god I'm not drunk enough for this"

"I am the biggest dick or I've got the big-"

I roll my eyes "I hate you" I throw his clothes at him "put some clothes on and if your nice enough leave before I come out"

I grab some of my clothes from my wardrobe and go into the bathroom

I wipe my make up off and wash my face, tie my hair up into a messy ponytail and change into some comfy clothes

Once I leave the bathroom, I grab my water bottle and lean against the counter looking at my roommate with distaste

"I didn't think you'd be back so soon" he smirks sitting on my bed this time fully clothed

"Your such a bullshitter" I cross my arms "you knew I'd be back even earlier than now because I have to sign forms in the morning"

"Whoops" he stands up and walks towards the kitchen area

He continues to make cocky and annoying comments and the fact that I was tipsy and didn't have a bed to sleep in really didn't help

"Just shut up" I snap but he takes it with a smirk feeling like he's won, I walk up to him and whisper in his ear "next time you bring a girl back here, I won't hesitate to tell the dean" I pat his cheek and walk away

"So you're telling me I can't have sex?"

"Go to her room, I don't care" I jump on Graysons bed

"Cute panties" I can hear the smirk in his voice

I look at Grayson walking towards his bed not bothering to fix my shorts

"If you even sit on this bed I'll push you off" I warn him when he goes to sit down

He fake pouts "but I thought we could cuddle all night" he jokes

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