Chapter three - first days and bedroom arrangements

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"So how was your first day of classes?" Clare walks up to me on my way out of the building where classes are held

"Shit" I say rooting for the keys in my bag "everyone here is so judgemental"

"Tell me about it" she smiles "I joined late last year, I eventually gave up trying with everyone else"

I laugh "something tells me I'm not even going to bother"

We walk into my building after deciding Clare is going to come to my dorm for awhile

"So anyone I should be weary of?"

"Your roommate" she laughs and I giggle

"That goes without saying" I smile "anyone else"

"To be honest everyone here, there's always something to someone"

I nod, she couldn't be more right

I throw my keys in the basket and walk in the door, Grayson and a boy I've never seen before were sitting on two beanbags that I've also never seen before

They don't notice us for a minute and I take a few seconds to scan over the boys. The other boy was good looking he had dirty blonde hair but Grayson is hotter, unfortunately his personality doesn't match up

"So this is your sexy new roommate" The blonde boy smirks pausing the Xbox to turn to me and Clare

"His words not mine" Grayson buts in

"And you are?" I raise my eyebrow "my ugly roommates friend?" I answer my own question making eye contact with Grayson "my words not his"

"Funny" Grayson gives me a fake smile before unpausing the game causing both boys to turn their attention back to that

I walk over the kitchen area, Clare not far behind me

"So who actually is he?" I turn and lean against the sink

Clare sat down on the opposite side of the island "That's Jordan otherwise know as Graysons best friend, they're both bad boy players so watch out with them"

I smile and thank her, even though I've nothing to worry about with them as I'm not the type of girl you can walk all over

"Anyone else that could be here when I come back?" I ask, I don't have a problem with it I'm a go with the flow type of person but I like to know who's going to be in my dorm "Well that's apart from girls"

"Girls?" She raises her eyebrow

"I came home from the party on Saturday and he had a girl here" I tell her taking a drink out of my bottle "in my bed"

"Omg! He didn't"

I nod "he did"

"I have to tell Trisha and Mads"

"If you tell Trisha make sure she doesn't say anything to him" i tell her "it's only going to add fuel to the fire"

"Fuel to the fire?"

"We're not exactly talking at the minute"


I lift my shoulders and drop them signalling I don't know

"Don't worry I won't let her say anything" she smiles

"Who the hell do you think you are telling my sister about what I do?" Grayson storms into the room later on that night

I look up from my phone fixing my glasses and raising my eyebrows "what are you talking about?"

"The girl the other night" he crosses his toned arms

I roll my eyes "one it's not like she doesn't already know about your rep and two I didn't tell her, someone else did"

"You're going to regret that"

"Why? What are you going to do" I cross my arms

"You can't stop me from bringing girls around"

"Two can play that game" I stand up and start walking towards the door "I'm sure your best friend would be up for a good time right?"

He laughs "you don't know where he stays"

"But I'm pretty sure every other girl here does"

He grabs my arm before I make it too far from him and pulls me back

I look up at him "bring a girl back and you can pick which one of the two solutions I told you I'd do"

He smirks, his mood totally changing "your threats are just proving you're jealous"

"Just because I don't want you bringing girls to our dorm doesn't make me jealous" I look up at him, I never really noticed the height difference before but then again I'm quite short

"You're right that doesn't make you jealous" he smirks "but your face and body language does"

I roll my eyes "You're gone mad"


"Since when did you wear glasses?" He asks his hold on my arm still there

"I need them to do schoolwork"

"You should wear them more often, they cover a bit of your ugly face" he smirks

"You're so sweet" I give him a fake smile

We ended up arguing over what to watch on Netflix and it was past 12am before the movie we finally agreed on was over

I was lying in my new bed aka the bed he didn't bring the girl back to, swiping through Instagram when Grayson came out from his shower. I looked up at him, he was shirtless and was wearing grey half length shorts with a smirk plastered on his face

I raise my eyebrow suspicious

"I've been sleeping on the ground for two nights now, can I just sleep in my bed too" he exaggerates the my

Grayson ended up coming back Saturday night but neither of us spoke, he just slept on the ground with a blanket he brought back

"Let me think..... no" I give him a sweet smile

"You do realise by letting me sleep in the same bed as you without anything happening proves I don't effect you" He smirks "if you can't do that then I'm right"

I roll my eyes and move over "You're an idiot and this won't effect me"

His smirk widens and and gets into the small bed our arms touching because of the size

"Ooo look we've just taken our relationship to the next step" he smirks at me

I roll my eyes smiling "I'm probably going to push you out of this bed in a minute"

"I know"

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