Chapter seven - revelations and compliments

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"We'll contact you as soon as possible" the polite woman standing on front of me smiles "there's a lot of people going for the job but the fact you are a member here and have such experience gives you a good head start"

I smile "thank you so much"

I got back to the dorm and there was no one there, meaning Grayson surprisingly went to class for once. Luckily I got home before him last night and I was asleep when he got back whatever time that was at

I jumped on my bed not bothering to do anything because of the 2 hours sleep I got last night

"Emma wake up" someone shakes me

"Emma" the voice I notice to be Patricia shouts

"What" I mutter slowly opening my eyes, turning around and lifting myself up by my shoulders

Patricia stood in front of me with her arms folded

"I've been calling you for the past hour"

"I've been asleep. Remember you were with me when I wasn't" I look at her

She gives me a fake smile

I rub my eyes "anyway why were you calling me?"

"I was wondering how your interview went"

"It went well" I tell her standing up "they said they'll contact me soon"

She nods smiling but suddenly huffs and sits down on my bed

I fill my water bottle and turn to her "what's up babes?"

"It's nothing" she looks at her new acrylics

"What did your secret guy do?" I sit beside her

"Nothing" she looks at me "he done nothing wrong. I just don't want to catch feelings but I don't want to stop either"

I nod "Trish you're overthinking this and you know it" she nods "you mightn't even catch feelings, but in the end it's up to you. Is what your doing worth it?"

She laughs a smile coming back on her face "you're not just a pretty face"

"What can I say it's a gift" I laugh "you should just be happy you're getting some, the last time I done it with someone without being totally drunk and not remembering it in the morning was ages ago"

"Wait so your not sleeping with my brother?"

I choke on my water "what? No. Where did you get that out of?"

She stays quiet


"Grayson may have made a comment one time when we were all here and you were in the bathroom"

"I'm going to kill him" I stand up grabbing my keys but stop just before I make it to the door "so only you guys know?"

She stays quiet again

"He's dead" I walk out and make my way out of the building

Luckily, after the realisation I didn't know what class he was in or if he was even in it, the bell signalling the end of class went as soon as I walked through the door

I was walking past the math room door when I seen my roommate getting up off his chair in the back corner of the room. I waited outside the door and when I knew it was him leaving I grabbed his jersey and pulled him into the dark empty corridor beside the door

I had him pushed up against the wall my hand still clenching his jersey but he smirks and turns us around so he's the in caging me - not that I was caging him

"If you wanted to be roommates with benefits you could have waited until I got back" he smirks his breath fanning my neck from the close proximity

I look up at him, he's bending his neck so our faces are closer. He looks like a giant compared to me

"You're dead" I mutter "telling everyone we had sex, I'm going to kill you"

His arms fix themselves on the wall "You're overreacting"

I cross my arms "how am I?"

"I never said we slept together, Jordan made a joke and people overheard him and started the rumour" his smirk doesn't falter

I roll my eyes "what about my friends, your sister?"

"That was taken out of context after the rumours"

"Ooo sex in the corridor, that's a new one. You guys do know that ye share a room" Luke smirks leaning against the wall smirking

"Your funny did anyone ever tell you that?" I roll my eyes

"Thanks" he gives me a fake smile "but you do realise as soon as the two of you walk out of here that's what they'll assume"

"Good luck" he gives us a wink before walking away

"I'm still going to kill" I say to my roommate before walking away

"Miss Hayes, why weren't you in my class" my first lecturer of the day walks into me

I suddenly forget how to speak, the university doesn't have a problem if you do their online class as long as you have a reason and even though I knew mine, being that I had an interview, I couldn't seem to say it

"She had to go pay the rent and all the bills for our dorm" Grayson says from behind me "sorry m'am it was my fault"

The tall woman, nods before walking away

Grayson walks over to me and leans down to whisper in my ear "you owe me"

"Owe you?" I scoff

He smirks "I'll collect at a later date"

Me and the girls went out for dinner together and it was after 10 before I got back to the dorm

I look up after putting my keys down to see Grayson wearing only a pair of black sport shorts, Black was definitely his colour - well every colour was his colour

"You went to the gym" I smile for no apparent reason

It's the vodka, even though I was no where drunk but it's having some sort of effect

"Decided I'd go, all the girls were busy" he smirks

I roll my eyes, more like you're always at the gym I just caught you this time

"Nice outfit" he comments before telling me he's going for a shower

"Let me guess" he takes a bite out of his pizza "you were the popular girl, who went out with the football captain all of high school"

I laugh "you couldn't be more wrong"

"So what were you?"

"The shy girl that had like 2 friends" I didn't mind telling Grayson, I liked high school that way

"Seriously?" I nod

"And you were the cocky bad boy who had his arm wrapped around a new girl everyday"

"That was senior year, I was dating the cheerleading captain before that" he smirks

"You've has a girlfriend?"

He nods

"Why'd ye break up?"

"She was the bitchy cheerleader" he surprisingly tells me "she had to act the roll, so she cheated"

"You've had a boyfriend?"

"One but it lasted 5 minutes" I tell him "he was a cheater. That's actually why I started working out, it was senior year and a popular guy had noticed me. We went out, I found out he cheated on me with like 10 girls so I wanted to get every popular person back by becoming pretty"

"Your bomb ass and abs, don't make you pretty but they may help in other ways"

"Thanks" I smile

I guess he can be nice

"Still waiting for the rumours to become true though" he smirks

Never mind

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