Chapter nineteen - Drunken fights and photos

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I open the door of my car to hear the sound of loud music and chatter. I huff out a breath remembering that the barbecue is tonight and it's the last thing I want to go to after getting up at 5am

It's already dark so I can see a light coming from the bonfire all the way from the car park which is quite far away from beside the forest

I decide to go to straight over to where the bonfire is because if I go back to the dorm I'll most likely just go to sleep and Tricia will kill me for not even showing my face for a few minutes

"Wow who's the model?" Clare smirks at me once I walk up to her

She's sitting one of the four logs that are around the bonfire with a hot dog in her hand and a plastic red cup on the log beside her. The logs only have a few people scattered around them so I easily get a seat beside her. Most people are standing in groups around the logs with a few at the barbecue

"Funny" I give her a sarcastic smile

"What? I'm not the only one that was looking at the blonde beauty walking over" she grins

I roll my eyes "hardly anyone was looking"

"I'm pretty sure everyone is" she tells me "including your roommate"

I look towards where Clare directed to in fact see Grayson looking towards me. The smile I give him falls from my face when I notice the brunette standing beside him with her hand on his chest

"What's up?" Patricia walks up to us with Maddie and they both sit down beside us

"We were just talking about how Emma's being ogled by every boy here"

"Could you blame them?" Tricia pipes up

"Guys I'm wearing cycling shorts and a matching spaghetti strap bandeau"

"Which accentuates your body"

"How did the shoot go?" Maddie passes me a drink which I drink almost straight away

"Good" I nod looking at the fire on front of me "we done a few shoots while wore some gym wear"

"When are they out?"

"Sometime next week"


"In some magazines to promote the gym"

After a while of us chatting Grayson, Luke and the brunette start walking towards us

Grayson and the brunette looking a more cozy than friends

"I'm going to get drunk" I mutter and walk away before they get there

True to my word I drank way more than what I should have. I spent my night talking to random people that I don't even know and avoiding Grayson

Why am I avoiding my roommate?... I don't know

I was finishing my last drink of the night when a blonde boy sat down beside me. He had blue eyes and slightly freckles cheeks

"Hey baby" he smirked

"I think you've got the wrong person" I mutter talking a last gulp of the drink

The guy was cute but he looked younger and I didn't want anything complicated right now hence why I wouldn't lead him on

Even drunk me knows that

"Pretty blonde with a bangin' ass? No I think I've got the right person" his flirtatiousness doesn't falter at my uninterested voice

"C'mon even you couldn't resist me babe" he puts his hand on my thigh

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