chapter 19 - Sisters

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From 5.16 "Our Decay", in flashback, Zelena and Hades were riding the bike, laughing.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

From 5.16 "Our Decay", in flashback, Hades was explaining to Zelena. "My older brother is a god. He stopped my heart. Once we kiss... my heart will start again."

From 5.07 "Nimue", in Granny's diner, Lisa and Blake were talking to Merlin and Cyrus.

"We prophesied you," Cyrus told them.

"I got my powers from the Holy Grail itself, and that power was passed from me to Cyrus," Merlin told them.

"If the Gods gave you powers, does that mean you're Divine Beings, too?" Lisa asked.

"No," Merlin answered. "We still have Divine magic, but we're not Divine Beings."

From 5.16 "The Brothers Jones", in the Hatter House, everyone was talking.

Tori looked at Cyrus. "The whole Enchantresses and Illusionists goes back to the Sorcerer and his son. You and Merlin, Cyrus."

From 5.18 "Ruby Slippers", in the pawnshop, Belle was speaking to her family and Gold. "As long as I'm asleep, Hades can't put me or the baby in danger like he's doing to the rest of our family, and you'll have all the time you need to help Freya, Jefferson, Grace, Lisa, Blake and Alcina destroy the contract and whatever threat he still holds against them, Henry, Rose, Tori, Saphira, Mathias, Faye, Derek, or the babies of Tori, Mathias, Alcina, Robin, Faye and Derek."

From 5.12 "Souls of the Departed", in Hades's lair, Hades was in his throne, speaking to Cora. "I know how much you love Regina and Alcina, even after everything you did to Alcina, but I'm surprised you care so much about Faye, especially after what you did to her mother."

Hades used magic to change Cora into peasant clothes, having her filthy.

From 5.18 "Ruby Slippers", in Hades's lair, he looked at Zelena. "You're scared I'm going to disappoint you, aren't you?"

Zelena sighed. "I think that's a chance I'm just going to have to take."



On the Road

(Song:) I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire - The Ink Spots

An old fashioned red car was driving down the road. Hades was driving. Zelena was in the passenger seat. There was a shovel next to Zelena.


Zelena and Hades were sitting at a campfire, drinking.

"This is not what I was expecting," Zelena admitted. "What other surprises have you got hidden up those sleeves?"

Hades handed her her glass. "Well, for one, you haven't asked me why I brought you up here."

"Mm, with men, it's usually pretty obvious," Zelena told him.

Hades chuckled. "Oh, you got me. But there's more on my mind, actually."

"Really?" Zelena asked. "What, then?"

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