chapter 7 - Nimue

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From 5.05 "Dreamcatcher", in flashback, Cyrus and Merlin confronted the Dark One.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

Cyrus raised the Dark One dagger. "You destroyed my mother."

From 5.05 "Dreamcatcher", in flashback, Ella, Emma, Rose, Lisa, Blake and Grace freed Cyrus and Merlin.

Arthur drew Excalibur. "You ruined my life!"

"We all know that broken sword can't hurt us," Cyrus told him.

From 5.06 "The Bear and the Bow", in Freya's basement, she was looking at Excalibur in the stone.

Cyrus: (voice over from 5.05 Dreamcatcher) "The restored weapon has great power. It can eradicate all dark magic forever."

Gold successfully removed the sword from the stone.

Cyrus: (voice over from 5.05 Dreamcatcher) "But in the wrong hands, it can also destroy all light magic."

From 5.01 "The Dark Witch", in Enchanted Forest, Freya looked at Rumple. "What are you?"

"Rumplestiltskin is but one of many," Rumplestiltskin told her. "All the Dark Ones' power inside you."

From 5.01-5.06, there were flashes of Freya losing control of her magic in past and present.

Merlin: (voice over from 5.06 The Bear and the Bow) "There's only one person who can help you defeat the Dark One now, Cyrus. Nimue."

Cyrus looked completely numb, chilled to the bone.

Rose was concerned by his reaction. "Cyrus? Who's Nimue?"


Day One


Night - Freya's House - Basement

Freya walked toward the rock with Excalibur and her dagger in either of her hands, placing the dagger on the rock, looking at the sword.

Rumplestiltskin giggled. "Beautiful, aren't they? Both halves finally reunited. You know what they represent, now, don't you?"

Freya was annoyed by his presence. "Power."

Rumplestiltskin walked closer. "It's much more than power, dearie. It's history. Excalibur's promise was born eons ago. And now it's time for that promise... to be fulfilled."

1000 Years Ago


Day - Desert

Merlin and another man were running through the desert, both breathing heavily.

"They following?" the man asked.

"No," Merlin answered. "They wouldn't trail escaped generals into this, much less foot soldiers." The man fell to the ground in exhaustion. Merlin noticed the sun was glittering off something in the distance, tapping the man's shoulders to get his attention. "Look, look, there is it again."

"It's a mirage, Merlin," the man told him. "There's no water there."

"I would rather find out for sure than lie here and die," Merlin pointed out. "Come on."

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