chapter 18 - Ruby Slippers

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From 5.17 "Her Handsome Hero", on the dock, When Gaston stormed over, nearly shooting more of her family than just Gold or the Matthews, but the Hatters and Alcina too, Freya pushed Gaston away from them, with more force than she had meant to, making him fall into the River, turning him into a lost soul, in shock from what she had done.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

Hades appeared. "Freya is still mine, and the rest of your family? That depends. I have a list of things that I want Freya to do for me, and this was the only way to get her started down that path of destruction and mayhem, all over again. See, if Freya wants to do it, then there's nothing you can do to help her. Freya, you enjoyed pushing Gaston into the water." Freya glared at him, shaking her head. "You can lie to them, to yourself, but not to me."

From 5.11 "Mad Witch", in the clock tower, Faye raised the wand, using it to summon a twister, making the glass to the clock tower smash, and Zelena begin to get sucked away.

Zelena held onto the glass tightly. "You will see me again!"

Zelena screamed as she was sucked into the twister, it taking her away.

Faye laughed, looking outside to watch the twister go. "Enjoy Oz, Mama."

From 5.17 "Her Handsome Hero", in Granny's, Zelena opened the tray, revealing her name written on a card, and the dead flower Hades had picked from the docks wrapped in red cloth with a white bow tied around it.

Regina: (voice over from 5.17 Her Handsome Hero) "What happened between you and Hades?"

Zelena took out the dead flower, knowing who it was from, smiling slightly.

Zelena: (voice over from 5.17 Her Handsome Hero) "He fell in love with me."

From 5.17 "Her Handsome Hero", in the woods, Regina, Emma, Rose, Ella and Cyrus used their magic to bring the monster down.

Rose saw what it was. "Don't kill it!"

Axel was stunned. "A werewolf."

Snow put Ruby's cloak over the wolf to turn her back into Ruby, kneeling next to her, trying to wake her up. "Red?"

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Hatter House - Living Room

The group was gathered around the unconscious Ruby as they laid her down. The Hatters, Christopher, and Matthews and Alcina weren't there yet.

Snow was relieved to see one of her old friends, but worried about her. "Is she okay?"

"Why is she down here?" David asked.

"She's not..." Henry trailed off.

"No," Killian answered. "She's still breathing."

"Well?" Axel asked. "How long do you think she'll be out?"

Regina put her hand on her hip. "I don't know. We hit her with some strong stuff."

"Where has she been?" Rose asked. "Since she left Storybrooke?"

Snow shook her head. "I don't know, she told me and Freya she was going to find her pack."

"Unless they're dead?" Ella asked. "I'd say she's sniffing in the wrong place."

"Any explanation for what she's doing here?" Cyrus asked. "I don't think she's looking for Axel."

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