chapter 2 - The Price

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From 5.01 "The Dark Witch", in Enchanted Forest, Freya was formed out of the vault.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

Freya pulled back her hood. "Who's there?"

Freya turned to see Rumplestiltskin behind her, in denial.

"I'm the voice in your head," Rumplestiltskin answered. "I'm the Dark One's powers inside you. Think of me as your guide."

From 5.01 "The Dark Witch", in Enchanted Forest, everyone was talking.

"Freya, think about it," Lisa told her. "If it falls into the wrong hands, what it could do..."

"What you could do, the first ever Dark One that had severe madness inside their heads for centuries before even becoming the Dark One," Killian added.

Freya offered the dagger to Regina. "Someone needs to watch me. You're the only one who will get past their feelings and do what is necessary."

Arthur and his men rode closer on horseback.

"I'm King Arthur of Camelot," Arthur told them. "We've come to find you. Cyrus and Merlin prophesied your coming here a long time ago."

From 4.01 "The Dark Witch", in Granny's diner, everyone arrived, wearing Camelot clothing.

"We're back?" David asked.

"We were just walking into Camelot," Faye told them.

"How long were we gone?" Henry asked.

"Six weeks," Sneezy answered.

"Our memories..." Derek trailed off. "They're gone."

Jefferson looked at Freya. "Why are you doing this?"

Freya looked over all of them. "Because the madness took over long with the darkness and it turned me into what I really am now. The Dark One."



Day - Town Line

The dwarfs drove the stone version of Sneezy to the town line, pulling over with tires screeching.

"Come on," Grumpy told them. "Someone's got to see what this new Curse does. Any volunteers?"

Happy shook his head. "I don't want to turn into a monkey."

"I like remembering who I am," Sleepy added.

Grumpy gave them a look. "I'm afraid one of us is gonna have to dig down deep and find the courage to see what happens when we step over that line."

They all spoke together. "Not it."

"Dopey, I'll take your silence as bravery," Grumpy told him. "Good for you. Come on."

Just as Dopey was about to step over the line, the Sheriff's car pulled up, and David, Snow, Emma and Ella got out.

"Stop!" Ella told them.

"Sorry, sister," Grumpy told her. "We can't stay in Storybrooke as long as Freya's the Dark One. Snow Queen, Pan, Trio of Terror, Evil Queen and Dark Sorceress back in the Enchanted Forest, werewolves, black knights, Rumplestiltskin. We can handle villains like that, but Freya? She was one of us back in our land and in this one. She knows better than anyone how we beat bad guys. Hell, back in our land, she beat most of them for us, and she taught you guys how to be the Savior and Protector. And now she's insane with darkness and madness. So, tell me, how do we stand a chance against her?"

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