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❛ GHOSTIN' ❜ - 𝖼𝗆𝖻 by -solarsystm
❛ GHOSTIN' ❜ - 𝖼𝗆𝖻by tee!
᎒ ੈ ✩ ‧₊ ᎒ ࿐ ☁️🐄 𝘎𝘏𝘖𝘚𝘛𝘐𝘕 IN WHICH balancing a handful of struggles becomes too much for his girlfriend and he sacrifices his happiness for hers.
The Order of the Phoenix | Hermione Granger x Male Reader (Book Five) by kieran_w
The Order of the Phoenix | Kieran
Your fifth year at Hogwarts is waiting for you, but the question is: will you be there?
[Book 5] The Triwizard Tournament was expected to be dangerous but no one actually expected someone to die. However, in the eyes of many, no one died because Milo Potter...
Digital Mutation (Book Five) by hope_forever_18
Digital Mutation (Book Five)by Fre sha vac ado
She's a YouTuber with a small fanbase and big dreams, but the path she's taken has made her stop and look back. She misses the privacy. She misses the simplicity that be...
Why // Yoonmin by yoongissoap
Why // Yoonminby Idfk anymore
"Why would you do this to yourself?" ~ Book 5 of the Yoonmin series ~ Final book ~ Yoonmin ft. Jikook Short chapters like the first four ❎TRIGGER WARNINGS❎ -me...
Kenzie Gilbert: The Coercive Twin by BeckySmolder
Kenzie Gilbert: The Coercive Twinby BeckySmolder
Kenzie Gilbert is now a vampire and she's engaged to Stefan Salvatore. Is the wedding still going to happen when they both are starting college? There's a lot of drama i...
Worlds Colliding (Supernatural) Book Five by heartofice97
Worlds Colliding (Supernatural) Tiffany
Catty Winchester is "the vessel". Michael's vessel. Sam Winchester is "the vessel". Lucifer's vessel. Dean Winchester is doing whatever it takes to k...
Sister, Sister (Book Five, BTVS) by heartofice97
Sister, Sister (Book Five, BTVS)by Tiffany
What if Zoey Francis, the other Slayer in Sunnydale, was never an only child? What if she had Dawn as a sister instead of Buffy? That she and her mother Layla had to dea...
Worlds Colliding (The Vampire Diaries, Book Five) by heartofice97
Worlds Colliding (The Vampire Tiffany
All plot rights go to the CW and executive producers, writers and their character development. Heartofice97: Alex Gilbert/Valentina Petrova/Poppy, Kacie Lockwood, El...
Slightly Consequential (Slightly Awkward Series / Book Five / Teen Wolf) by mysticfalls1997
Slightly Consequential (Slightly Amanda
Stacie Stilinski knows how to defend herself now. She has known for a while. But she has also been playing it safe so nothing bad happened. But what happens if an accid...
Won't Fall (Book Five: Teen Wolf Fanfic) by TVDlover97
Won't Fall (Book Five: Teen Wolf Classy Badass
Tara Hale is a lot different from the Tara that we've known. She is not as angry as she used to be. She still has all of the problems that she used to have, but not to t...
The Hellhound's Demon by Twix3780
The Hellhound's Demonby Felicity Giles
[Book Five] [Sequel to the Hellhound's Return, the Hellhound's Secret, Power Outage, and Coveted Operation] After sensing a shift in the balance between good and evil, K...
Worlds Colliding (The Originals) Book Five by heartofice97
Worlds Colliding (The Originals) Tiffany
Kassandra Mikaelson, Caitlin Harris, Mikayla Labonair-Kenner, Kacie Lockwood, Tory Donovan/Thompson, Luke Thompson, Eliza Forbes, Lindsey Davis-Thompson, Ryan Thompson...
My Sister Really [Harry Potter X Reader] Book V by Soldier_Shartie69
My Sister Really [Harry Potter X Amanda Hiddleston Greenleaf
Y/n Black and her friends in the order what happens when her and Harry aren't invited what happens when the school get's invaded by a pink troll problebly related to Goy...
Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time) Book Five by heartofice97
Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Tiffany
Freya Gold (Priscilla) played by Nina Dobrev Ella Swan played by Candice Accola/King Lisa (Vasilisa) played by Katherine McNamara Rose Mills (Enchantress) played by Ashl...
Life's Betrayals / Book Five / Supernatural / The Life Series by mysticfalls1997
Life's Betrayals / Book Five / Amanda
Actually thought Dean Winchester and Ness Singer could get away for long? Keep dreaming. A year after they started to live a normal life, they find out that Sam is alive...
Anne's House of Dreams (Completed) by LMMontgomery
Anne's House of Dreams (Completed)by Lucy Montgomery
Anne's House of Dreams is a novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was first published in 1917 by McClelland, Goodchild and Stewart. The novel is from a ser...
Witch Hour's End (Book 5, Daring Spell Series, The Originals) by mysticfalls1997
Witch Hour's End (Book 5, Daring Amanda
Auria Ravynne, badass witch Regent for years now, girlfriend to Marcel Gerard, and ally to Vincent Griffith and the Mikaelsons, is finally about to have her story end, e...
Worlds Colliding (Teen Wolf) Book Five by heartofice97
Worlds Colliding (Teen Wolf) Tiffany
The pack is in the area where nothing unusual is happening in Beacon Hills other than themselves when many enemies come to destroy it all. Stacie Stilinski hasn't taken...