chapter 20 - Firebird

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From 5.19 "Sisters", in the Underworld, Zelena and Hades walked toward the lights of the city.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

"You want to come with me to Storybrooke?" Zelena asked.

"All I care about is a future where we might be a family," Hades told her.

From 5.19 "Sisters", in Zelena's farmhouse, the five Mills girls were speaking.

"I was wrong about family," Cora told them. "You never stop being connected, right up to the end, and sometimes, even after."

From 5.19 "Sisters", in the fiery cave, Regina looked at Zelena. "I think you have another love to find."

From 5.19 "Sisters", outside Granny's diner, Zelena walked up to the diner, seeing Hades, smiling.

Regina: (voice over from 5.19 Sisters) "Hades. Go to him."

Zelena looked at Gold. "You can't hurt me. Not if you want Alcina to forgive you. I may have a complicated relationship with my sisters, but if you want forgiveness from both your daughters, you're not gonna get it if you hurt me."

"Whoever said anything about hurting you?" Gold asked. "Rather than just taking you." Peter walked closer. "Zelena, meet my father. Priscilla and Alcina's grandfather. Peter Pan."

"I hear you're wicked," Peter told her. "Well, I'm much worse."

Peter threw a bag over Zelena's head.




The group was gathered by the fallen clock tower.

Emma looked at Regina in surprise. "You told her what?"

"To give him a chance," Regina answered.

"And you thought that was a good idea..." Rose trailed off. "Why?"

Regina gave Rose a look. "Because we're family. And I'm trying to trust Zelena. She thinks she can change Hades."

"I'm sorry, love," Killian told her. "I missed the part where Zelena changed."

"You'd think the ex-pirate with a rum habit would cut my mother some slack," Faye told him.

"Well, you'd think that the Evil Queen, Dark Sorceress and Fatale would be smarter than to send the Wicked Witch to romance the most devious man alive," Killian replied.

Alcina rolled her eyes. "Faye and I are not the ones that sent Zelena anywhere. We still don't trust Hades. And I still haven't completely forgiven Zelena for Neal. You really think I would let her go to the man who has Cilla as a slave in a contract if I had a choice?"

"No," Killian answered. "Sorry, Alcina."

"Easy, guys," Saphira told them. "We're not gonna win the war against Hades if we use all our ammo on each other."

Hades walked toward them. "Saphira has a point."

Everyone looked at him suspiciously.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Tori asked.

Ella pulled Henry and Rose behind her. "Get behind me."

"Oh, I didn't find you to hurt you," Hades told them. "I'm here, unsurprisingly, for Jefferson, Rose, Grace, Freya and Alcina."

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