chapter 21 - Last Rites

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From 5.20 "Firebird", in the library, Using her fury and devastation as tools to tap into the connection to Divine power, Grace closed her eyes, and when she opened them, they were glowing with light purple power. Everything was shaking around here, more so than the rumbling earlier, in a deadly quake that caused the library to start to collapse. Rose, Cyrus and Grace all threw bursts of their magic at the doors, and Grace's power along with theirs broke the barrier down, and nearly took down the building around them because of Grace's Illusionist power bringing it down around them. The entire Underworld could feel the quaking from Grace's powers.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

From 5.16 "Our Decay", in flashback to Oz, Hades was explaining to Zelena. "My older brother, Zeus, stopped my heart. What I'm left with is anger."

From 5.18 "Ruby Slippers", in Pan's pawnshop, the Matthews and Gold were trying to stop Belle from putting herself to sleep.

"There's only one way out of a sleeping curse," Gold told her.

Belle nodded. "True love's kiss. You're not the one who's going to wake me, Rumple. Tori is. But, Tori, you cannot wake me up until Hades is dealt with. Because I will not want to wake up unless I know for sure Hades is gone."

"How will we be able to tell you if he's gone if you're stuck in a sleeping curse?" Tori asked worriedly.

From 5.15 "The Brothers Jones", in the street, Hades was trying to blackmail Axel with the safety of his family. "I don't even really care about that book, except for a few select pages about me."

From 5.15 "The Brothers Jones", outside the Sorcerer's mansion, when Axel refused Hades, Liam threw the pages into the well.

Hades: (voice over from 5.15 The Brothers Jones) "So destroy them."

From 5.20 "Firebird", in the cemetery, Hades helped Zelena through the portal. Before following her, he took out a crystal, allowing it to glow. In the ambrosia chamber, Lisa and Blake felt the effects, groaning in pain.

Lisa: (voice over from 5.20 Firebird) "Our power's draining. Hades. He's taking our power."

From 5.20 "Firebird", in the tunnel, saying goodbye to Freya, Jefferson smiled sadly through his own tears, placing his hand on her cheek to wipe away hers. "I know you won't be okay up there, Cilla, with everything going on in your mind. Just promise me that you won't give into it. Grace, Lisa and Blake need you."

Freya nodded unsteadily. "And I need them. I can't promise you that I'll be okay, Jefferson."

"I know," Jefferson told her sadly.

Grace looked at Jefferson. "But then you have to promise us something, too. Don't let us be your unfinished business. Move on from here."

Jefferson took a shaky breath, nodding. "I think I can manage that, Grace." He looked at his family or a painful, devastation filled moment. "I love all of you."

From 5.20 "Firebird", in the cemetery, everyone made it through the portal, with Alcina, Lisa, Blake, Grace and Freya going in last because of their emotional moment of leaving behind Jefferson and Christopher.

Freya: (voice over from 5.20 Firebird) "All I know is, I can't lose anyone else."



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