chapter 12 - Souls of the Departed

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From 1.02 "The Thing You Love Most", in flashback, Evil Queen added her father's heart to the Curse, using Vasilisa's power to cast it.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

From 1.02 "The Thing You Love Most", in flashback, in the cell, Evil Queen looked at Rumple. "What must I do to enact this Curse?"

Rumplestiltskin chuckled. "The heart of the thing you love most."

From 1.02 "The Thing You Love Most", in flashback, Evil Queen reached into Henry's chest and removed his heart, letting him fall to the floor. "I'm sorry."

From 1.17 "Hat Trick", in flashback to the Hatter Home, Priscilla, Jefferson and Evil Queen were talking.

"I have a job for you," Evil Queen told them. "Something of mine was taken and found its way over there. I want it back."

From 1.17 "Hat Trick", in Wonderland, Evil Queen put a mushroom into the box. In a whirl of black smoke that escaped the box, Alcina appeared.

Jefferson looked at Evil Queen worriedly. "This is what the Queen of Hearts took from you? Alcina?"

From 5.11 "Mad Witch", in the park, Freya drove the sword through Jefferson, both of them crying out in pain as she held him tightly. On the ground, she held him in her arms, crying. Lisa, Grace and Blake ran closer to kneel next to Freya and Jefferson, crying, holding onto them and each other.

Saphira: (voice over from 5.11 Mad Witch) "We're getting him back. This isn't fair to Jefferson, Freya, Lisa, Grace or Blake."

From 5.11 "Mad Witch", in Hatter House, everyone was talking.

"You're going to Hell?" Snow asked, shocked.

"The Underworld," Alcina corrected.

From 5.11 "Mad Witch", on the lake, everyone arrived on the boat.

Grace held Freya by the hand. "Don't worry, Mama. We'll find Papa. We always find each other."


Freya's Dream

Day - Hatter House - Living Room

In her dream, Freya woke up on the couch, looking around in confusion, sitting up.

Neal walked closer with food. "Hey, Cilla."

Freya gasped when she saw him. "Bae?"

"Yeah," Neal answered. "It's really great to see you, sis."

Freya was confused, suspicious. "Why am I back here? Why are you here? This is either a dream, or a hallucination because of all the madness being in my head now that Jefferson's dead."

Neal found the fact she thought this was a hallucination somewhat amusing, but was more worried and concerned about her than anything. "If this were a hallucination brought on by the madness, there'd be, like, talking doughnuts or demons running around or something weird like that." He sat down next to her. "Think of this as a long distance call from your older brother."

Freya realized this wasn't the madness, but was still confused, relieved to see her brother. "It's really you."

Neal smiled. "How's Henry and Rose?"

"Good," Freya answered. "They miss their dad. They're growing up."

Neal chuckled. "I bet. Henry's being an all out Author now hanging out with a bunch of boys his age, like Blake, Cyrus and Axel, and Rose is a badass Enchantress. And my niece Grace has finally gotten control over her Illusionist powers, huh?"

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