chapter 13 - Labor of Love

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From 5.11 "Mad Witch", in the park, Freya drove the sword through Jefferson, both of them crying out in pain as he held him tightly.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

On the ground, Freya held Jefferson in her arms, crying. Lisa, Grace and Blake ran closer to kneel next to Freya and Jefferson, crying, holding onto them and each other.

Saphira: (voice over from 5.11 Mad Witch) "We're getting him back. This isn't fair to Jefferson, Freya, Lisa, Grace or Blake."

From 5.11 "Mad Witch", in Hatter House, everyone was talking.

"You're going to Hell?" Snow asked, shocked.

"The Underworld," Alcina corrected.

From 5.12 "Souls of the Departed", in the fiery cave, Cora looked at the Matthews, Regina, Alcina, Henry and Rose. "My time in the Underworld is done. Yours can be, too. Just do what I say."

Freya: (voice over from 5.12 Souls of the Departed) "Tell me he's okay."

Alcina and Regina were crying, as they watched Henry 1 turn and cross the bridge into Olympus, holding onto each other.

Saphira: (voice over from 5.12 Souls of the Departed) "He's in a better place."

From 5.12 "Souls of the Departed", in the street everyone was talking.

Snow looked around. "That means everyone here..."

"Can be saved," David finished.

From 5.12 "Souls of the Departed", in Hades' lair, Hades looked at Cora. "Lisa and Blake. They're here. Perfect."

"Why do you care so much about them?" Cora asked.

"Let's just say that I've been waiting a long time for them," Hades told her.

From 5.12 "Souls of the Departed", in the cemetery, everyone was talking.

"We've got all this magic," Rose told them. "Why can't we find Uncle Jefferson?"

From 5.12 "Souls of the Departed", in Hades' lair, Hades watched Cora in amusement, before his hair turned into blue flames.

Cyrus: (voice over from 5.12 Souls of the Departed) "Maybe somebody doesn't want us to find him."



Hades's Underground Prison

Jefferson was unconscious in a small cell, before suddenly gasping awake, still looking as bad as he had when the others had tried to communicate with him. Screaming could be heard in the distance. Jefferson grimaced in pain, managing to roll over and get onto one knee, very injured. "Is this a trick?"

Jefferson managed to get to his feet, going to step off the small platform he was on.

He heard a male voice. "Stop. That's exactly what is it." Jefferson looked toward the voice. It was Christopher, leaning against the wall on the floor in his own cell, his wrist branded with a mark. "A trick. Don't move. He wants you to think you can escape, but... you can't. No one can."

"Yeah?" Jefferson asked. "We'll see about that."

Jefferson started to pick the lock on his cell.

"Don't," Christopher warned. "He'll hunt you down."

"Hades has already done his worst on me," Jefferson told him.

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