chapter 10 - Broken Heart

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From 5.08 "Birth", in flashback to Granny's diner, Freya used her magic to levitate the Flame of Prometheus, making it grow larger in size, picking up the dagger and Excalibur, trying to forge it through the flame, but both Freya and Jefferson gasped in agony, making Freya drop the dagger and sword.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

The darkness was leaking from Freya into Jefferson as well since the spell she had just tried to complete had strengthened the link between their minds, and the darkness started to surround them both.

Lisa: (voice over from 5.08 Birth) "It's the madness and darkness. Freya was scared that destroying the darkness would destroy their sanity."

The darkness surrounded Jefferson completely, making him disappear, leaving everyone in shock. Jefferson's name appeared on Excalibur. Freya's appearance changed to the Dark One she was from the present.

Merlin: (voice over from 5.08 Birth) "The darkness will get to Jefferson and create another Dark One."

From 5.08 "Birth", in Freya's house, Jefferson used the squid ink to paralyze Freya in place.

Zelena showed him a dreamcatcher. "I found this outside. I suppose it's not the Dark One anymore, is it? More like the Dark Ones."

"I lost control back in Camelot, didn't I?" Jefferson asked. "Did something that made you erase everyone's memories."

"We both lost control," Freya answered.

Zelena chuckled. "The Dark Witch and Mad Hatter as Dark Ones? This town is in some serious trouble. And I'm happy to help the process along. Who wants to know what happens when you both really go dark?"


Same Night - Same Scene


Night - Freya's House - Living Room

Freya was still paralyzed in place by the squid ink.

"I suppose I should get on it with it, shouldn't I, Freya?" Zelena asked. "That squid ink on you is going to wear off soon, and Jefferson just relearned he had magic, so..." She used her magic on them, making them groan in pain as their minds became even worse, laughing at their looks of anger. "By the look on your face, it would appear someone needs restraining." She put the anti-magic cuff on Freya. "There. No more magic for you, not since you wanted to kill me before this."

Jefferson nearly used magic against Zelena, but she disappeared before she could be hit. "Cilla, everyone is outside, aren't they?"

"Yeah," Freya answered. "They should be getting close to being unfrozen by now. I can't leave, but you can."

Rumplestiltskin appeared to mock them, making them both jump, looking at Jefferson. "I would listen to her, dearie. Both of you were willing to fight against madness and darkness before, but that was before you both lost it. Before Zelena got into your already damaged minds and made everything worse. You're not going to fight it anymore, are you? You could always come back for her, Jefferson. Priscilla's trying to help you. And you could get your vengeance for the both of you. For Grace, Lisa, Blake, Alcina, Tori, Saphira, Mathias, Faye, Derek. Tell me, how does it feel to be a Dark One?"

Jefferson was gazing off insanely, remembering almost everything now. "It feels like I've been reborn."

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