chapter 15 - The Brothers Jones

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From 5.12 "Souls of the Departed", in Underworld's Granny's diner, James pulled Snow in for a kiss. Sensing something wrong, Snow pulled away.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

James chuckled. "I see why my brother likes you."

Snow stepped back in realization, shocked. "James."

"When you see ol' Dave, tell him there's a new Sheriff in town," James told her.

From 4.23 "Operation Mongoose: Part 2", in Granny's diner, Henry, Rose and Grace were sitting with the Apprentice. Henry broke his Author quill.

Cruella: (voice over from 5.13 Labor of Love) "The power of the Author, Enchantress and Illusionist combined is far greater than that bearded old man wanted you three to believe."

From 5.13 "Labor of Love", in Underworld's Mayor's office, Cruella was speaking to Henry and Rose. "And when you broke the quill, you sent it right down here to the Underworld. And now you are going to find it down here, you're going to enchant it with the blood of Rose and Grace, and you're going to send me right back to our world."

From 5.14 "Devil's Due", in the cemetery, Snow, Axel and Ella were looking at the gravestones for Axel's family.

Snow looked at Axel. "Samuel is your father. Elijah is your brother."

"Yes," Axel answered. "They're here. So why can't I find them?"

Ella sighed, shaking her head. "You will see them again."



On the Road

Cruella was driving recklessly. Rose was in the passenger seat. Henry was in the back.

"Can you please slow down?" Henry asked.

"Darlings, you wouldn't be here if you didn't like a little danger," Cruella told them. "I mean, look at you, sneaking away from your family and friends to bring me back to life. Such naughty children."

Rose was not planning on using the quill to bring her back to life, just needing her help to find it. "I just want to find the pen and get this over with. What are we even looking for?"

"A sigh, signal, whiff of ink," Cruella answered. "Rose, you're the Enchantress, meaning you're the guardian to this sort of thing. You had the ability to find the Author if the Dark One wasn't using magic to hide him from you. I'm willing to bet you can find some quill."

Rose saw a bright light, pointing to it. "Stop! I saw something."

Cruella stopped the car immediately, and the tires screeched as she came to a dangerous stop.


Rose, Henry and Cruella were walking.

Cruella wasn't happy about tracking through the woods. "Well, there's no pen here, just dirt and things that smell like dirt."

"I swear I saw it," Rose told them.

"Well, then, both of you move those little legs of yours and keep looking," Cruella told them. "Go!"

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