chapter 3 - Siege Perilous

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From 4.23 "Operation Mongoose: Part 2", in the street, Freya's real name Priscilla was etched onto the dagger.

Freya/Priscilla: (voice over) "Previously on Worlds Colliding (Once Upon a Time)."

From 5.02 "The Price", in flashback to the garden, Merlin was trapped in a tree. Cyrus was trapped in stone.

"So the most powerful sorcerers in all the realms are stuck inside a bloody tree and stone?" Killian asked.

"And you think we can get him out?" Tori asked.

"Cyrus and Merlin's prophecies are never wrong," Arthur told them.

From 5.01 "The Dark Witch", in the pawnshop, Mother Superior used her wand to conjure a rose under a glass jar. "This rose is now linked to your best, Belle. As long as it still has petals, he lives."

From 5.02 "The Price", in Freya's House, Freya and Jefferson were talking.

"Has the madness and darkness really gotten their claws that deep into you?" Jefferson asked.

"Shouldn't you already know the answer to that?" Freya replied. "You still have the same madness as I do, and now it's tinged in darkness as well, Jefferson."

Jefferson raised his voice a little. "Then answer me!"

Jefferson gripped the wine glass in his hand too hard, making it shatter and the contents spill.

Freya looked at him, snapping her fingers, pointing at his hand. "There it is. The madness and darkness affecting you just as much as it's affecting me. You couldn't control it, could you?" Jefferson looked at his shaking hand in surprise. "I'm trying to help you, but I can't tell you how."

From 5.02 "The Price", at the round table, Arthur looked at Guinevere. "They're here to destroy the Dark One. Helping them may be the only way I'll ever get my hands on that monster's dagger."

From 5.01 "The Dark Witch", in Enchanted Forest, Freya shook her head slowly. "I'm not gonna hurt my father, no matter what he did."

Rumplestiltskin smirked. "We shall see."

From 5.02 "The Price", in the basement of Freya's House, Rumplestiltskin was preying on Freya's madness. "That's why you brought that sword here. You can make that weapon whole again and use it to snuff out the light... forever."


Day One


Day - Mines

Dwarfs were whistling "Heigh-Ho" as they were working.

Grumpy looked at the others. "Our yield's way down, boys. I know Dopey's a tree, but we got to be more productive since he can't."

"He's producing oxygen," Happy told them.

There was laughter.

"Hey, let's stay focused," Grumpy told them.

Freya appeared, sitting behind them on the rocks, having her arm around another rock, smirking. "Yes. No one wants a nasty surprise."

The dwarfs looked at her nervously, pained because of how long she had been their friend and how much they had gone through together, but knowing it wasn't their friend right in front of them.

"You're not getting any dust, sister," Grumpy told her.

Freya smiled, standing, walking closer. "Actually, I'm shopping for something else. Something with..." She picked up an ax, twirling it around in her hand, admiring the blade, smirking coldly with a tinge of insanity. "Edge."

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