part 2

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Abhi at his home, Sarla look Abhi's dull face & ask..

Sarla- for whom you're in tension, & for whom you're worried..

Abhi- first Tanu, between us a misunderstanding create, & Pragya didn't like that Tanu behaves rude with me..

Sarla- Pragya is right, Tanu always takes you granted..

Abhi- but Maa I love her..

Sarla- Always remember one thing, who person taking care of you, put them as your first priority, & Pragya is the girl, who take care you a lot..

Abhi- maa I know that, but I can't leave Tanu also.. they both are my priority..

Sarla- keep that Tanu side for moment.. think a lot, how you mollify Pragya this time.. in month score will turn 10..

Abhi twist his lips, look to Sarla & say- seriously score will turn to 10..

Sarla smile- haan..

Abhi- what should I do now.. last time I stood outside of Vin's apartment, in front of Pragya's balcony with sorry board.. everyone look at me like I'm alien.. before that I wear Jerry costume, went to office, till lunch I wear that costume to mollify Pragya, before that Jerry costume, I made paratha by my hands, that paratha makes really awful, to mollify Pragya, Tanu mollify in on chocolate box.. but Pragya, she give so much exercise to my mind, she loves to give me stress, how rude she is..

Sarla- Pragya right on her way, you just rethink on Tanu, that's it..

Abhi- maa plz..

Sarla- ok, come for dinner..

Abhi with sad tone- no maa, I don't want.. & he move towards his bedroom..

Sarla look up, & talk with God- God bless my child with some good brain, plz break his relation with Tanu, & do one thing for me, plz do something like that, Pragya will be my daughter in law..

At Arora house:

Vin to Pragya- so Pragya what happened today..

Pragya- Bhai same drama of Tanu..

Vin cut her mid- I'm not talking about Abhi..

Pragya in confused tone- then..

Vin- I'm asking you, about your day..

Pragya- it's good till evening, after that Tanu's drama.. my whole day spoil in minutes..

Vin- again Abhi.. what's wrong with you..

Disha came with coffee sit beside Pragya- and that idiot only wants that hellcat Tanu..

Pragya- ok now stop, no more Abhi & Tanu..

Disha- Pragya!

Vin cut Disha in mid- now no more questions to Pragya..

Disha- arrye I'm asking her other thing..

Pragya hugged to Disha by waist, keep her head on Disha's shoulder- say Bhabhi, & Bhai you keep quiet..

Disha- what about Jaipur, you remember or not..

Pragya with sad tone- plz Bhabhi come with me na..

Disha- take your Bhai with you..

Pragya making face & say- when my journey start to go Jaipur..

Disha- depends on you.. when you take a leave from office..

Vin- I'll book flight ticket..

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