part 9

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Abhi take a long breath, & hold Pragya's both hands in his- so that's your problem..

Pragya look him..

Abhi continue- Pragya you remember, you miss your father a lot, after his death, you lost somewhere, & Vin Disha bring you Mumbai forever, & I came to Vin's house for some work, that time our actual first meeting, you write something on your diary, you was sad.. & I told one useless joke.. you remember that..

Pragya smile- yaa remembered! I was smile after long 20 days..

Abhi- I do anything for your smile, I think, you didn't know about one thing..

Pragya- what..

Abhi- one date I cancelled with Tanu, only for you..

Pragya look him with amazed..

Abhi- you remember I took one promise from you..

Pragya smile- yaa first time you wear Superman costume for me, coz I was sad for something, I was ask you reason behind your costume, your answer was, someone stole your friend smile, & you're trying to find out.. then I realized you talking about me, end of the day, I started to smile, & you took promise from me.. I never ever be a sad in future, coz my smile is your bestest thing ever..

Abhi- hmm, that time I cancelled my date with Tanu for your smile, now I'm love with you, & I never look or think about another girl.. how can you think all of these..

Tears brim in Pragya's eyes..

Abhi- you want time, I give you, & I respect your decision.. ok..

Pragya nodded in yes, her cell ring, she pick the call, client cancelled the meeting.. she inform to Abhi..

Abhi- you wait here for meeting & they cancelled the meeting..

Pragya- so what, we spend some time together, without anyone's disturbance..

Abhi smile- accha ji..

Pragya smile back- haan ji..

Abhi- can we move to home, otherwise your brother will punch me so hard..

Pragya- hey don't say anything to my Bhai.. ok..

Abhi mimics her..

Pragya- you called Bhai..

Abhi- haan, morning he called me, he asked me about your weird behavior, I told him truth..

Pragya- you mean to say, they both know..

Abhi cut her mid- yes they knows about my confession..

Pragya- why you told them..

Abhi- I'll tell everything to you on way, come..

Pragya- haan..

They both reach home, Vin & Disha waiting for Pragya, they look Abhi & Pragya enter in..

Pragya order to Robbin- Robbin plz make some snacks, I'm hungry..

Pragya greet to Vin & Disha- good evening my jaan's..

Disha look to Abhi & say- good evening Chiku, & Chiku's Chiki also with her..

Abhi make a face & say- eeeuuu! It's so weird name..

Pragya smile say- Chiki!! Wow Bhabhi cool name, I love it..

Vin- ok, tell me one thing, you accept that he loves you..

Pragya- I need some time..

Vin- ok, Abhi Chiki name suits you..

Abhi- no way..

Pragya- Abhi plz for me..

Abhi with irritating tone- it's unfair yaar..

Pragya pull Abhi's cheek- Chiku's Chiki..

“We both love that name” a voice came behind from Abhi & Pragya, they both turn, & a big surprise for them..

Abhi's parents came to Jaipur, to meet Pragya..

Abhi go near them- maa papa, you both here..

Sarla- you hide big thing from us..

Abhi- maa not like that.. it's just..

Prem cut Abhi in mid- coz of Vin & Disha, we both know about your confession.. otherwise you didn't tell us..

Abhi- maa papa it's not like you think, I want to tell you, but after Pragya's confirmation..

Sarla hold Abhi's ear & pull so hard- Pragya first fallen for you, you're the one who late.. don't blame to Pragya.. she is right..

Abhi wincing in pain- maa I'm sorry..

Pragya feel his pain, she say- aunty leave it na, he's ear got hurt a lot..

Sarla twist Abhi's ear more- no more aunty, call me maa, otherwise I never leave his ear..

Pragya smile- ok maa, now plz leave his ear..

Sarla leave Abhi's ear, he rubbed his ear, they both take a blessing from Sarla & Prem, they all sit..

Sarla to Vin & Disha- so which date we fix for marriage..

Vin- depends on you, we both don't mind..

Prem to Vin- beta you're father figure for Pragya, so your decision also matter the most for us..

Pragya- Bhai papa is right..

Disha- ok then, after Diwali..

Sarla- done, Chiku Chiki, you both ok with it..

Pragya confirm her decision through smile.. Abhi didn't understand what to say..

Prem ask to Abhi- why are you so silent..

Abhi- woh actually I'm not sure, Pragya ready for marriage..

Disha- tell us about your decision..

Abhi- ok, I want our marriage done, like sweet & small.. Pragya hate grand celebration..

Prem- ok, so we start our work..

Abhi & Pragya smile..

Days pass, Abhi shift to Jaipur for Pragya, they both much time spend together, Pragya didn't accept his love till..

A fine day, Tanu came to know about Abhi's marriage fix with Pragya, & for Pragya he shift himself to Jaipur, she came to Jaipur to meet Abhi..

Pragya went NGO, Abhi knows that she came late for office, they both engagement & marriage will done week later, all office staff members knows that they both are couple, Tanu reach Jaipur office..

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