part 11

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On Saturday, Abhi & Pragya went to jewelry store for buying rings..

Abhi- Pragya only diamond ring..

Pragya- no.. sweet & simple..

Abhi- why simple! You gonna be my wife..

Pragya- ok, then why not we choose solitaire..

Abhi look her- no.. only diamond..

Pragya with irritating tone- Abhi no..

Abhi- ok, you select Ring by your choice for me, I choose ring for you by my choice..

Pragya- arrye, it's our engagement..

Abhi- haan, so what! You choose yourself for me, I choose ring myself for my would be.. got it..

Pragya- Abhi we can't choose different design rings for us..

Abhi- then choice is mine..

Pragya with angry tone- ok, do whatever you want.. & they part there ways two different jewelry store..

A hour later, they both meet in regular cafe with dull face, pin drop silence between both..

Pragya break the silence- Abhi..

Abhi- hmm..

Pragya- you select the ring..

Abhi- first you tell me..

Pragya- ok, both give answer on same time..

Abhi- ok, I count down..

Abhi- one, two, three..

Both say 'no’.. & smile..

Pragya- I was so much confuse..

Abhi- me too..

Pragya- then why we both are here, come let's go..

They both buy the rings for each other without any argument..

They both sit in Park.. Pragya hold Abhi's arm, Abhi's other hand in Pragya's hand, his thumb play with her thumb, her head on his shoulder..

Abhi- Pragya..

Pragya- hmm..

Abhi- Pragya why can't you say..

Pragya look him & ask- what..

Abhi- that you love me..

Pragya- again same words Abhi.. I need some time..

Abhi- you gave me warning, then you kissed me on my lips, in front of that Tanu, this much happened between us, still you need time..

Pragya- haan, i need a time..

A week later, Abhi Pragya's engagement done, on engagement night, they both talking in lawn..

Abhi- Pragya we both are engaged now, & now we both are officially couple..

Pragya very casually say- ok, so..

Abhi- I want to listen those three magical words from your mouth..

Pragya smile- be patience..

Abhi- three days later, we both getting married, still I'm waiting.. now it's time, you have to say right now..

Pragya- ok, I'm saying you, those three magical words..

Abhi- say it.. I'm listening you..

Pragya hold his hands in her hands & say- I.. I.. & she stop in mid..

Abhi- I.. say it.. quick..

Pragya- I'm saying.. don't disturb me..

Abhi- ok..

Pragya look him & say- I.. I'm stubborn..

Abhi with irritating tone- Pragya yaar, why are yo..

Pragya put her index finger on his mouth- I always irritates you, but it's my rights on you.. I love you..

Abhi smile & nodded in no..

Pragya side her finger & ask- what!

Abhi- you have rights to irritated me, now it's my turn to irritates you, I'm not accepting your, ‘I love you’.. you have three days, before marriage, you will say 'I love you’ in unique way.. which will I never ever forget for life time..

Pragya- you dancing on my head, for my confession, now I confess that, I love you, & now you give me three days..

Abhi smile mischievously & say- you want time, I give you, now I give you three days, before our marriage, propose me, say I love you, in unique way, which will memorable for me & you..

Pragya- are you challenging me..

Abhi twist his lips- yeah.. & by the way, next three days, we are not going to meet..

Pragya- Abhi it's totally wrong..

Abhi with naughty tone- someone's said, everything is fair in love & war..

Pragya slapped on Abhi arm- how rude.. idiot..

Abhi- so many days, you irritates me, now it's my turn..

Pragya- ok, you just wait & watch, now what will I do..

Abhi- ok, I will.. & he kiss her forehead..

Pragya start to glare him with love..

Abhi- don't give me any look, we both are officially engaged.. now no one stop me.. got it..

Pragya smile & she nodded in yes..

Abhi- don't smile, start your work, mission “propose to Abhi in unique way”..

Pragya- now you just wait & watch..

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