part 6

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Abhi send gifts to Pragya in every half hour, he start sending gifts on evening four, stop sending gifts on 8:30.. list of gifts..

1) pastry & small greeting card, on 4 p.m..

2) yellow rose, on 4:30 p.m..

3) bunch of lily flowers, on 5 p.m..

4) hand made sorry card, on 5:30 p.m..

5) happy birthday greeting card, on 6 p.m..

6) small teddy, on 6:30 p.m..

7) Barbi doll, on 7 p.m..

8) friendship band, on 7:30 p.m..

9) wrist watch, on 8 p.m..

10) silk chocolate, on 8:30 p.m..

On dinner time..

Vin- end of gifts session..

Disha- I think so..

Pragya downstairs look once gifts table & say- everything is end, let's take a dinner..

Doorbell rings..

Pragya go & open the door.. Abhi on door with chocolate chip cake in his one hand, in his other hand balloons, & he hold rose in his mouth..

Watchmen- sir I told you, you can't enter in without permission, madam I told him but he enter in..

Pragya started to glare Abhi, she fold her arms near chest & say to watchmen- you go, I handle him..

Watchmen left the place, after that Pragya say to Abhi- you come in..

Abhi smile with rose & say- thank you..

Pragya didn't understand, she ask him in confused tone- what..

Vin- Chiku first let out rose from his mouth..

Pragya give look to Vin, 'don't call me Chiku'

Vin let out rose from Abhi's mouth, Abhi take relief breath & say- thanks Vin..

Abhi to Pragya- oye birthday girl I bring your favorite cake, come & cut the cake first..

Pragya smile & ask him- it's fruit choco chip cake..

Abhi- haan..

Pragya smile- hmm..

Disha slapped on herself forehead- sometime ago Pragya abusing Abhi, Abhi is ghost, Abhi is mad, Abhi's this, Abhi's that..

Abhi to Pragya- only ghost & mad.. it's too less na Pragya..

Pragya nodded in yes..

Vin- ok, then let's cut the cake..

Abhi open the cake box, Pragya look cake, she read, 'Happy Birthday Chiku'..

Pragya with bit anger tone- Abhi what's this..

Abhi- what Chiku..

Pragya tight her fist in anger- Abhi I'm going, she walk towards her bedroom..

Abhi start to sing- aaj jaane ki zid naa karo, he look she stop on stair..

Pragya look him..

Abhi continue- aaj jaane ki zid naa karo, hum toh loot jaayenge.. (he keep his hand forehead), hum toh mar jaayenge.. (he keep his both hands on his neck), aisi baatein kiya naa karo.. aaj jaane ki zid naa karo..

Pragya- don't sing this song, these is my favorite song..

Abhi- plz come & cut the cake, otherwise I sing this song continuously..

Pragya- I come & cut the cake, only for my song.. is that ok..

Abhi- ok, it's done..

Pragya- ok, she agree, & cut the cake, she feed cake first to Disha & Vin, then she feed to Abhi, then Abhi feed cake to Pragya..

Vin to Disha- they both look perfect as a couple..

Disha- yeah, Pragya loves Abhi, when Abhi knows that Pragya love him unconditionally..

Vin- your wish come true very soon, may be..

Disha- hmm, Abhi, Pragya, come let's take dinner..

They four take dinner together, after that, Vin & Disha wish Abhi, Pragya good night & they left for sleep..

Abhi & Pragya sit in lawn on bench..

Abhi- Pragya I'm terribly missing you yaar, plz come back to Mumbai..

Pragya just nodded & ask him- how's your breakup happened..

Abhi- I break relation with her..

Pragya amazed- hww, you break up with her, why..

Abhi- after you left Mumbai, I proposed her for marriage, she denial, coz she didn't want her career end, coz of marriage, & your words echoes in my ears, that's she's with me coz my name & fame, she used my name for her career only so, I break up with her..

Pragya- good.. good..

Abhi- I'm sorry, what I said to you..

Pragya- that time you was in love..

Abhi- can I ask you something..

Pragya- yeah.. sure..

Abhi- you like me na..

Pragya shock from inside but she not express on her face- are you gonna mad..

Abhi- you love me.. right..

Pragya refused to accept- chalo birthday is over, tomorrow i have to go office, & she go to get up from bench, Abhi hold her arm & pull her, she again sit on bench..

Pragya look into his eyes..

Abhi ask her- it's true na.. Abhi wait for her answer..

Pragya look down..

Abhi- that's why, extra care, extra concern, whenever that Tanu misbehave with me, yaa she disappointed me, you're the one, who anger on me, whether directly or indirectly.. that time I didn't understand, what's the reason behind your anger..

Pragya look him in confusion..

Abhi smile- uff! This confused look, suits you, now one question start to haunt you, 'this thing only know to Vin Bhai & Disha Bhabhi, how Abhi knows this..' now my answer is, renovation..

Now Pragya's confusion rise more.. Abhi read her confusion expression..

Abhi- yes renovation! Some time ago Mumbai's office renovation done, & in your desk drawer, I got your personal diary, that days, I was missing you so much, I have your photos, our videos & so many things, but that's not enough for me.. so I read your diary, I'm sorry for, I read your personal diary.. by the way, when you fallen for me..

Pragya- how did you read my personal diary..

Abhi- just said you, I was missing you terribly, so read it..

Pragya- you're so..

Abhi interrupt her- I love you..

Pragya- no you can't..

Abhi- what..

Pragya- how's that possible.. you love Tanu..

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