part 7

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Pragya- how's that possible.. you love Tanu..

Abhi- that was not love, that was only attraction, towards her makeup beauty, & for you only true & pure love, when you anger on me & stop talking with me, my day started like, I live my life alone in whole universe.. then I start how to mollify you, I did so many weird things only for you.. not for that Tanu, every madness I did for you only..

Pragya- suddenly you.. how it's possible..

Abhi- ok, how much time I spent with you..

Pragya in confusion tone- why you want to spent your time with me..

Abhi- arrye that I prove myself to you, that I love you not that Tanu..

Pragya- I don't.. bye.. good night, we meet tomorrow in office..

Abhi- I'll come to pick you..

Pragya- no.. no need.. leave me..

Abhi loose his hand grip from her arm..

Abhi- I prove my love for you only..

Pragya- you gonna mad..

Abhi- only for you..

Pragya- bye.. & she went in home, without look back..

Abhi talk with himself- Mr. Abhi she is shock, she's upset on you, she's confused also, she loves you also, now prove her that you love her..

Next morning, Pragya on dinning table, doing her breakfast, she only stare her breakfast plate, she lost in last night incidence..

Disha jerked her thoughts..

Disha- where you lost..

Pragya didn't look to Disha- hmm..

Disha repeat her question- where you lost..

Pragya didn't understand what Disha say, she reply her- nothing..

Vin look Pragya's behavior & he say- ok..

Pragya again lost in Abhi's & her last night incidence..

Disha- Pragya on evening we both are going for shopping, after that NGO..

Vin look to Disha & say- something is fishy..

Vin to Pragya- Chiku me & Disha going back to Mumbai..

Pragya didn't give any response..

Disha to Vin- what happened to her..

Vin again to Pragya- Pragya Salman’s shooting is in Jaipur..

No response from Pragya..

Disha- Vin she didn't reply on Salman's name, what happened to her..

Vin- something happens surely I'm telling you, last night she was normal..

Disha jerked Pragya- Pragya..

Pragya came in reality- haan, what happen..

Disha- something happened last night..

Pragya think about last night incidence with Abhi, & she again lost in it..

Vin- arrye again she lost, Chiku what happen to you..

But Pragya busy in Abhi's thoughts..

Disha- last night Abhi & Pragya talk with each other..

Vin- wait a minute, Vin call to Abhi..

On call..

Abhi- yeah Vin..

Vin with upset tone- what you did with Pragya last night..

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