part 3

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On evening, Pragya packing her stuff's, Disha helping her, door bell ring, Disha open the door, Abhi came to meet Pragya..

Abhi- why are you not picking up my calls..

Disha- I'm busy.. that's it..

Abhi- on which things, you busy, & where is Pragya..

Disha- busy in work..

Abhi- she's upset on me..

Disha- why she upset on you.. for what reason..

Same time Pragya came in hall- Bhabhi woh.. & she look Abhi..

Abhi- hi Pragya, we move for coffee.. chal..

Pragya with rude tone- go with your Tanu, I'm busy right now..

Abhi- why you pull Tanu between us.. always..

Pragya- like always she fight with you for unnecessary things..

Abhi- now you doing wrong..

Pragya- I'm not do anything wrong, you're doing wrong Abhi.. why you held that relation always from your side, she didn't care a bit for your & her relation..

Abhi- it's not like that..

Pragya fold her arms near her chest & in stern voice- two years done, to your & her relation, you proposed her, tell me one thing, till now she accept her mistakes..

Abhi- Pragya plz yaar, I came here to talk with you..

Pragya cut him mid- what you want talk with me.. how Tanu treat you, how she argue with you, why she fight with you, how much you plead for her forgiveness, I hate all these Abhi.. I really hate that, she behaves with you, it's totally wrong.. I'm fed up all this.. you always wish her on morning from sorry word.. I'm sorry to say you Abhi, but you waste your time & money on her, you literally begged for her presence..

Abhi shout on her- just shut up, ok, just shut your mouth.. Pragya always you look her worst side..

Pragya also shout on him- what's good in her.. tell me..

Abhi- that's your point of view, not mine, you hate Tanu a lot, that's why you look her worst side only..

Pragya- ok then explain your point of view..

Abhi- I'm not interested to explain you anything..

Pragya- you can't explain anything to anyone, Abhi today you have money, that's why she is with you, when she got more wealthy person, she leave you for him, then you remember my words..

Abhi- stop it Pragya, today onwards, I never came to you, I never show my face to you.. last time I tell you, I love Tanu, I love her a lot.. just fit in your mind.. that I love Tanu.. bye forever..

Pragya- bye, don't meet ever again, & one minute Mr. Abhishek, wait here for moment, & she went bedroom, again came in hall with small Teddy bear keychain..

Pragya handover that keychain to Abhi's hand, & she say- this is your gift, you don't want any relation with me, that's it, our relation start with this keychain.. now you may go..

Disha interrupt both- Abhi Pragya you both gonna mad..

Pragya- plz don't interrupt Bhabhi, he is right..

Abhi-I don't have any need of you, since three years I thought you're my best friend, Tanu was right, that you only attached with me for your emotional support, when you came out from sadness, that day you will show me your true colors, today is the day..

Tears brim in Pragya's eyes, she say- I was not invite you, came & give me your so called emotional support..

Disha- Pragya! Relax..

Pragya- what relax Bhabhi, I'm capable to handle.. she stop, her voice choked.. tears rolled down..

Abhi realize his words- I'm sorry Pragya..

Pragya- just go from here..

Abhi wants to console her, he took one step towards her, Pragya shout on him- I said get out Mr. Abhishek, here after I'll never share anything with you.. & she went in her room..

Abhi to Disha- I'm.. I'm sorry Disha..

Disha- plz Abhi go.. thank you what you did for Pragya..

Abhi wants to say something, Disha cut him mid..

Disha- plz go..

Abhi left the place..


Three years ago, Pragya came to Mumbai with Vin & Disha from Jaipur, coz her father natural death, Abhi is Vin & Disha's best friend from college days, Pragya is Vin's cousin sister, for him she is just like his daughter, Abhi & Pragya meet in Mehra's tours & travels office, Abhi is to be a owner of Mehra's tours & travels, he work in his own office as employee, coz he wants to experience employee's life.. Abhi & Pragya become good friends within some days.. after that Tanu enter in Abhi's life, Abhi meet Tanu at one of the party, & he fallen for her, Tanu only wants Abhi’s lifestyle nothing else.. Pragya too much care & concern towards Abhi coz of Tanu's behavior, Pragya meet Tanu once & she know her behavior in one meeting.. Abhi think that Pragya wants emotional support & he care towards Pragya that way, but sometime later, he addicted towards Pragya a lot.. Disha & Vin know that Pragya actually fallen for Abhi, but she not express her feelings to Abhi, coz Abhi love Tanu, Pragya took promise from Disha & Vin, they both respect her decision..

..Past End..

Night, Vin came to house, from work, Disha explain everything to Vin in detail..

Vin- Abhi gonna mad, how can he say like that..

Disha- Abhi did a mistake, we both know, how much Pragya capable for herself..

Vin- I don't know anything, I'm talking with Abhi right now, & he dialed Abhi's number..

Disha snatch mobile from Vin's hand & cut the call- Vin listen to me first, you talk with Pragya first, she lock herself from evening, I try but no use, I think you try once..

Vin- ok, you serve dinner, I talk with Pragya..

Vin knocked Pragya's bedroom..

Vin- Chiku open the door beta, it's me..

Pragya open the door & she again sit on bed..

Vin came near her bed & sit on bed edge- you not starving yet Chiku..

Pragya with pouted- Bhai don't call me Chiku, I feel like, I'm still in fourth standard..

Vin- when you get married, & your kids in fourth standard, that time also you're my Chiku.. samjhi..

Pragya- I'm hungry..

Disha enter in Pragya's room- dinner is ready..

Pragya- sorry Bhabhi..

Disha- I say something to you..

Pragya- phir bhi..

Vin- sorry program done..

Pragya- Bhai one request to you..

Vin- bol..

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