part 10

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Pragya went NGO, Abhi knows that she came late for office, they both engagement & marriage will done week later, all office staff members knows that they both are couple, Tanu reach Jaipur office..

Tanu to receptionist- I want to meet Abhi Mehra..

Receptionist- do you have appointment..

Tanu- intercom to Abhi, & tell him my name.. tell him, Tanu came here to meet him..

Receptionist give her irk look & she's on intercom- sir a lady is here, her name's Tanu, she came to meet you..

Abhi think once, said with confused tone- ok, send her..

Abhi in mind- why she came here now, Pragya plz come soon..

Tanu enter in Abhi's cabin- hi Abhi, & she walk towards him, Abhi stop her, show his palm to her..

Abhi- stay there, you can talk with me, but maintain the distance..

Tanu- why you behaving like stranger with me..

Abhi- we both are not in any relation, so maintain the distance..

Tanu-I'm sorry Abhi for not accepted your proposal, now I realize, how much I love you..

Abhi chuckle, he scratch his forehead, & say- ohh! Love or money..

Tanu- what are you saying Abhi..

Abhi stood up- ok now I'm done, so I'm confess to you, I love Pragya, we both are going to marry soon, & I invite you for my & Pragya's marriage.. I insist you, plz come to our marriage..

Tanu- you can't do this, how much I love you Abhi, & Tanu walk towards him, & she start to hugged Abhi forcefully, Abhi try to stop her..

Same time Pragya enter in cabin, look all the scenario, Tanu hold Abhi's jacket in her fist, Abhi hold Tanu's both arms.. Abhi look Pragya, & he push Tanu..

Abhi came near Pragya, & try to explain her- Pra.. Pragya.. yeh.. what you just saw, it's not like, what you see.. I really don't know, why she came here, she wants to hugged me, I'm not.. I'm only belongs to you..

Pragya turn to him, encircle her hands to his neck, & up her toe, she capture his lips, start to kiss him, Tanu look that, she furious on Pragya's behavior, Abhi don't understand, what actual happens, when he realized, she leaves his lips, & hold Abhi's arm tight, & turn her face to Tanu..

Pragya- you leave Abhi for career, but I can't leave him for anything..

Tanu- it's none of your business..

Pragya almost yell on Tanu- it is my business Tanu, Abhi is my boyfriend, my would be fiance, my would be husband, you can't hugged him without his & my permission..

Tanu- you..

Pragya smile- will you plz excuse us, we both wants to spend some time together, no disturbance of outsiders..

Tanu glare them & left Abhi's cabin..

After Tanu went out, Pragya leave Abhi's arm, & start to glare him..

Abhi- what? Why you giving me this look, I didn't invite her..

Pragya- I know that, that's why I'm here, Payal was call me for some work, she told me about Tanu, I leave my half work there, & came here..

Abhi only gaze Pragya & Pragya's lips..

Pragya- say something..

Abhi- I know you love strawberries a lot, but today I know your lipstick flavor also strawberry, I love strawberries from now..

Then Pragya realize, what she did some time ago, she kiss on Abhi's lips, in front of Tanu, her eyelids get down, she blush core of heart, her cheeks turns to pink, she turn herself, bite her lower lip..

Abhi little bend himself towards her ear & say- don't try to bite your lower lip, on that only my rights, & you look so cute, when you blush, your cheeks turns to pinkish, I love you, coz you trust me a lot, & he turn her to him, Pragya's eyelids still down..

Abhi continue- you love me, you confess your love in front of everyone, then why can't you confess your love in front of me.. just once confess your love in front of me..

Pragya didn't say anything..

Abhi- say something..

Pragya- I have to go, I have some work..

Abhi- you can't do these with me..

Pragya- what I did..

Abhi- confession.. that you love me..

Pragya- not now, & she left cabin in hurry..

Abhi talk with himself- this girl, God when she confess her love to me..

Evening, Abhi & Pragya came together to home, Abhi's parents are there..

Abhi- maa papa you both here.. why..

Sarla- haan, we both wants to meet you both, you came here always with Pragya.. so we both decided to come here..

Abhi- now tell me, why you both wants to meet us..

Prem- you both wants to marry na..

Abhi- haan papa..

Sarla- ok, but before that, engagement..

Vin- you both select engagement ring..

Abhi- on Sunday, it's fine Pragya..

Pragya- no it can't be possible, I have small work on Sunday regarding NGO, can we go on Saturday, after office, we all can go, what say Bhai Bhabhi, maa papa..

Abhi- why all family members needed..

Pragya- means..

Abhi- we both go & select the ring for us..

Pragya- Maa papa, Bhai Bhabhi will help us na, for selecting the rings..

Abhi- we both will select Ring for each other..

Prem- Pragya beta stop teasing him..

Pragya start to smile mischievously..

Prem- you both only go, & select the rings for each other..

Abhi look to Pragya & say- so rude you are..

Pragya only smile..

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