part 4

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Vin- bol..

Pragya- plz book tomorrow morning ticket of flight..

Vin- are you running away..

Pragya- haan.

Vin- Chiku..

Pragya cut him mid- Bhai plz.

Disha- running away it's not a solution..

Pragya- I can't see him like these.. most important I don't want his so called emotional support..

Disha- arrye he said stupid things, & you accept that..

Pragya- Bhabhi plz try to understand, for him only Tanu's important, he thought about me only emotional support.. he never consider me as a friend also..

Vin- you leave us for Abhi..

Pragya- no Bhai.. I just want to go there so early that's it, you both will came there, & two years I was busy here, so I want to go there & renovate the home first..

Disha- it's not done yaar..

Pragya- Bhabhi I came here after one month..

Vin- Chiku I know you better then everyone, Prem uncle call me, & told me that you applied for one month leave & transfer yourself from here to Jaipur office..

Disha- you staying away from us Chiku for that Abhi..

Pragya- no Bhai Bhabhi..

Vin- then..

Pragya- Bhai it's true, I applied for my transfer not coz of Abhi, coz my need is there now, papa's NGO, who a Mishra uncle running there, now he wants some rest, so need to go there, that's it.. when I find capable person for NGO, I'll back to home Bhai..

Vin- ok..

Disha ask her in doubtful tone- are not lying with us..

Pragya- Bhabhi I'm not lying..

Disha- ok..

Next day, Pragya went to Jaipur, on office time Abhi came to Vin's apartment for pick Pragya, he went on Vin's floor, look Vin's house lock from outside, he call to Vin, but his cell not reachable, he wait for Vin on ground for sometime, a cab enter in Vin's apartment, Abhi look, Vin & Disha came out from cab, they came near Abhi..

Abhi- hi..

Vin- hi..

Abhi- Pragya went to office.. early..

Vin- she back to her home..

Abhi- why.. I'm sorry for last evening..

Disha- it's ok, Abhi..

Abhi- when she back to Mumbai..

Disha- she leave Mumbai forever, don't know when she back here..

Abhi- arrye how can she leave like these.. I accept I was wrong last evening, that doesn't mean she left.. I'm sorry..

Vin- Abhi she hurt a lot..

Abhi- where she went..

Vin- just said you, she back to her home..

Abhi- where..

Vin- sorry we can't tell you, we promise her..

Three months left, Abhi miss Pragya a lot, in all that he propose to Tanu for marriage, she denial his propose, coz she wants to become top model, so Abhi break his relation with her.. after that his father retired from his tours & travels business, & Abhi takeover his father place in business, Abhi ask to Prem about Pragya, but he didn't tell him anything..

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