last part 12

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Three days Pragya send him love messages, greeting cards, watch, tie, love letter's, his favorite dish made by her, Abhi like everything but he denies, he said her that, do something new & different..

On marriage day, Abhi's barat came near Pragya's door, Pragya's friends inform her, Pragya came out from her room & shout..

Pragya- plz stop this marriage.. & she hold her lehnga in both hands, & she came downstairs.. everybody look her in shock..

Vin- what's wrong with you Chiku..

Disha- Pragya what happen.. it's not good..

Pragya came near them, with worried face- for some minutes, Maa papa, Bhai Bhabhi, I want to talk with Abhi.. in front of everyone.. plz.. her voice express her stress..

Abhi in panic tone ask her- Pragya anything wrong..

Pragya with stern voice- haan..

Abhi- what!

Pragya- ok.. & she stop..

Abhi- Pragya my heartbeats get fast, say something..

Pragya didn't think much, & she sit on her one knee- Abhi I know, I always tease you, always pull your leg, I always anger on you for little things, & you always handle me very patiently, whenever I anger on you, you always mollify me, coz my smile is important to you.. after Bhai Bhabhi, you're the person who with me on my hard days, you support me like friend, philosopher, you being my well-wisher.. & she smile with teary eyes..

Abhi smile with teary eyes..

Pragya continue- I really don't know, when I fallen for you.. when you know about my love towards you, you came to me, & you also confess your feelings towards me, but I'm stupid girl, behaves like childish, I denies your love.. that time, you understand my situation, & give me my time, thank you for that, thank you for coming into my life as my friend, as my philosopher, as my boyfriend, as my fiance, & would be my husband, will you accept these girl as your would be wife.. & she forward her hand to him..

Abhi hold her hand & stand her on feet..

Pragya- I love you Abhi.. love you infinity..

Abhi pull her in his arms, give her tight hugged..

Disha clear her throat & say- we all are here love birds..

Abhi & Pragya came in reality, break their hugged..

Pragya- one more thing..

Abhi- now what, you confess everything in front of everyone..

Pragya quickly kiss on Abhi's cheek, Abhi shock by sudden kiss from Pragya, that also in front of everyone..

Vin- Chiku..

Pragya- Bhai it's challenge, given by Abhi, & I complete my challenge..

Sarla & Prem hold Abhi's ears..

Abhi wincing in pain- maa I didn't give any challenge to Pragya..

Pragya- noo Maa, he's such liar, & she flick one eye to Abhi & mischievously smile..

Abhi give look to Pragya, “after marriage done, I'll look you”

Abhi & Pragya's marriage done, Abhi didn't say a single word with Pragya, next evening they back to Mumbai, abhigya's welcome ceremony done in Mehra Mansion..

Abhi & Pragya came in their bedroom.. Abhi lock the door..

Pragya- suniye! you anger on me these much, you're the one, who gave me challenge & I complete that..

Abhi- that was between me & you, why you told to Maa Papa..

Pragya- suniye! then how can I kiss you in front of everyone..

Abhi- one minute, why you calling me ‘suniye’..

Pragya- now we are husband & wife, so here after I call you suniye only..

Abhi hold Pragya by her waist & pull her near him- no way Pragya, you can't..

Pragya- yes I can..

Abhi- Mrs. Chiku Chiki Mehra..

Pragya- no, Mrs. Pragya Abhishek Mehra..

Abhi- are you sure..

Pragya nodded in yes- haan..

Abhi- so Mrs. Mehra, you win the challenge..

Pragya- we both are discuss this topic for whole night..

Abhi- I would like it, but I'm not interested.. he capture her lips..

Shuuu!! don't disturb them..

..The End..

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