part 5

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On lunch time Abhi reach to Jaipur branch, he on call with Vin..

Abhi- hi Vin, how's your journey..

Vin- it's good..

Abhi- that's nice..

Pragya's secretary came & wish to Abhi- good afternoon..

Vin listen lady voice & he ask to Abhi- Abhi when keep lady as secretary..

Abhi- it's not mine secretary..

Vin- then..

Abhi- woh I came to visit Jaipur office..

Vin shock- what..

Abhi- what happen to you, why are you so shocked..

Vin- noth.. nothing, bye, I'll call later, & he cut the call..

Vin to Disha- call quick to Pragya..

Disha- why..

Vin- Abhi came to Jaipur for office visit, in fact he reach to office..

Disha- what, & she dialed Pragya's number..

At office, In Pragya's cabin, Pragya busy in some files, her cell vibrate, she look once I'd, & pick the call..

Pragya on call, she busy in file, her half mind on call- haan Bhabhi..

Abhi outside of Pragya's cabin, he knocked cabin door.. Pragya didn't look who's on door, she say..

Pragya- coming..

Abhi enter in Pragya's cabin, he look her & smile, in heart- so madam is here, I was in tension, that how would I find her..

Pragya didn't look up, she busy in file, her half mind on call- haan Bhabhi bolo..

Disha from other side- Pragya Abhi is in Jaipur, he already reached to office.. he came there for office visit..

Abhi stood in front of her desk..

Pragya listen Disha's words- what! & She look up with shock expression..

Secretary introduce them each other- mam owner of Mehra's tours & travels, Abhishek Prem Mehra, & sir she is the Head of Jaipur branch Pragya Arora..

Abhi busy in admiring Pragya, & he say to secretary- you may go now.. & secretary left Pragya's cabin..

Pragya only look him with shock expression, still her mobile on ear..

Disha from other side- Chiku are you listening me, what I'm saying.. but no use on Pragya..

Vin snatch mobile from Disha, & he on call- Chiku listen to me, don't freeze yourself..

Abhi free Pragya's mobile from her grips, & he listen Vin's voice..

Vin- Chiku listen to me, don't freeze yourself..

Abhi- Chiku already freezing herself Vin, bye Vin, we meet on evening, I'll came with Pragya to home, & he cut the call..

Abhi keep her mobile on desk & say- Chiku I'm in front of you..

Pragya came out from her freez zone & say- hey, don't call me Chiku..

Abhi smile & say- now I gonna call you Chiku only..

Pragya- where is Uncle..

Abhi- let me clear you, your uncle retired from business forever..

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