part 8

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Payal turn towards him- yes sir..

Abhi's sweet tone continue with Payal- I want curd with paratha..

Payal- ok sir & she turn to go..

Abhi- one more thing, listen me carefully then go..

Payal again turn to him- sorry sir..

Abhi- curd & lemon pickle also..

Payal- ok sir..

Abhi- now you may go & once again, nice name.. Payal left the cabin..

Pragya with frustrating tone- what was that..

Abhi- now what I did..

Pragya with same frustrating tone- I'm talking about Payal..

Abhi- ohh, I'm talking with her..

Pragya gritss her teeth- this much sweetness..

Abhi smile- aaahh! That's my nature..

Pragya- accha! I know you so many years, you never talk with me, with this much sweetness..

Abhi- ohh really! Maybe you didn't observe me..

Pragya in frustrating tone- aahhh, & she act like towards him, 'I will kill you'

Abhi smile- your love already kill me..

Pragya close her eyes in frustrating & she talk with herself- cool Pragya cool, take deep breaths in & out..

She open her eyes, & find Abhi stood near her very close, his hot breath touch her face.. Pragya start to look into his eyes..

Abhi- you look beautiful today, I know, you didn't like, that I talked with Payal like.. but what I do.. whenever you irritates, you look more beautiful.. out of this world..

Pragya break the eye contact, she look down..

Abhi- whenever you break our eye contact, & your eyelids get down, I just want to kiss you.. I never do this now, coz you not accept my love.. I'll wait for your acceptance.. till my last bre.. Pragya keep her palm on his mouth, she nodded in no, & left the cabin.. without look back..

On lunch time, Payal came near Pragya's desk..

Payal- mam what will I order for your lunch..

Pragya- I'm not hungry.. so don't order me..

Payal- ok mam..

Pragya- what about Sir's lunch..

Payal- it's on the way mam..

Pragya- ok, one more thing..

Payal- what mam..

Pragya- don't mess with his plate..

Payal didn't understand- means..

Pragya- in plate keep curd on right side & pickle on left side, your right, his left.. your left, his right.. ok..

Payal- ok..

Abhi's lunch arrive, Payal keep plate on Abhi's desk, he look plate once & irks..

Abhi- don't you know how to plating..

Payal- I'm sorry sir..

Abhi- it's ok, go from here..

Payal came out from cabin with plate, Pragya look that, & she ask her..

Pragya- something wrong..

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