part 1

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Abhi at cafe, waiting for Tanu, he on call- hi, Tanu when you reach..

Tanu- sorry Abhi, I can't came, woh Manish Malhotra's fashion week started, so I'm there, we can't meet today..

Abhi- but we fix our date today, how can you..

Tanu cut him mid- now you start arguing with me Abhi..

Abhi- Tanu I'm not arguing with you..

Tanu- I'm anger on you Abhi, & she cut the call..

Abhi- Tanu listen me.. but no use, she already cut that call..

'you need some water' & she forward glass of water to him, he drink water, she sit in front of him..

Lady in stern voice- every day she argue with you, you always say sorry to her, how can be she so rude with you, if I on your place, I give her one tight slap..

Abhi- hey Pragya don't be so rude..

Pragya with irritating tone- then like you, hold ears & say sorry to her.. haan.. my foot..

Abhi forward same glass of water to her & say- now you drink some water, don't anger to much..

Pragya with more irritating tone- leave it, bye, she got up from chair, turn to go..

Abhi- you came here for coffee..

Pragya turn her face & say- now my mood is out of station, thanks..

Abhi- arrye..

Pragya with anger- bye, & she leave the place..

Pragya ring the doorbell, Disha open the door, Pragya enter in house with irritated face, Disha look her each action, Pragya throw her mobile on sofa, throw her hand bag on floor, Pragya tied her hair with stick, she talk with herself, enter in her bedroom, Disha understand, why Pragya's mood off, Pragya came out from room, enter in kitchen, & start kitchen chores, Disha came behind her & say..

Disha- don't cook all of us, I'll do cook for all of us..

Pragya with irritating tone- why! Now you have also a problem, that I enter in kitchen..

Disha with clam tone- if you want make rice for us, it will gonna be a curry.. that's it..

Pragya stop her kitchen chores & sit on chair- why all persons like this, why bad people behave bad with good people.. most important thing, why good people meet to bad people..

Disha listen her all babbling, she sit on another chair, look her & say- Abhi..

Pragya with teary eyes nodded in yes..

Disha- confess your true feelings to him, tell him that you love him..

Pragya- I can't confess my true feelings to him, he loves that Tanu, I can't came between them..

Disha- how much long you hurting yourself.. haan..

Pragya- I'm not hurting myself, I love Abhi endlessly without any expectations..

Disha cupped Pragya's face in her palms- Pragya it's not love baba, it's madness..

Pragya hold Disha's palms & say- leave it everything..

Disha- ok, now tell me, what happened today..

Pragya with irritating tone- she went for Manish Malhotra show, one whole week, Abhi wants to meet her.. he wants to talk with her.. but she busy in her own lifestyle, I mean how can Abhi loves her, she didn't care towards Abhi's feelings..

Disha- she proposed to Abhi..

Pragya- no, Abhi proposed to her.. how can he fallen for her..

Disha- Pragya, may be she also loves him, you just be a relax, Vin must be on the way..

Pragya nodded in yes- hmm..

Disha- go wash your face first..

Pragya wipe her tears- yaa, thanks..

Disha- why!

Pragya- for understand my irritating mood..

Disha- huh.. I'm your Bhabhi.. ok..

Pragya smile- no.. Bhabhi cum friend..

Disha smile- now go..

Pragya- hmm..

Disha- coffee..

Pragya got up from chair- haan, my favorite one, & plz don't pick my any calls, & she went in washroom..

Abhi call on Pragya's cell, send her messages, but she didn't give any reply to him, now his panic mod gets on, he dialed Vin's number, Vin in his apartment's elevator..

Vin- yaa buddy..

Abhi- where are you..

Vin- apartment elevator..

Abhi in irritating tone- where is your sister, she gonna mad, last one hour, I call her a like mad person, numerous times I message her, but she didn't reply me once..

Vin- what happened, what you did..

Abhi- today mine & Tanu's date fix..

Vin cut him mid- and she cancelled date on last moment, & the same time Pragya was present there, right..

Abhi- yaa, a bit of same..

Vin- not bit same, exactly same scenario happened there..

Abhi- now plz help me out..

Vin- sorry I can't help you.. bye..

Abhi- arrye listen to me, plz..

Vin- what! You know very well Pragya didn't like Tanu, because of you she bear that Tanu..

Abhi- I love Tanu, but Pragya knows so well, I can't live for moment without talking with her..

Vin- you just said me you love Tanu, now you said me, you can't live without talking with Pragya.. how's that possible man..

Abhi- I don't know how, but Pragya become my habit.. since three years..

Vin- are you sure, you love Tanu..

Abhi- what do you mean buddy, of course I love her, very soon I'm gonna propose her for marriage..

Vin in low tone- doubt hai..

Abhi didn't understand, he ask him- what..

Vin- nothing..

Abhi- give call to Pragya..

Vin- wait for moment, Vin ring the doorbell, Pragya open the door, she look Vin on call..

Pragya in high pitch- if this call is Abhi's then tell him, I really don't want talk with him..

Abhi listen her & say to Vin- tell her that, I heard her..

Pragya- don't came to pick me tomorrow morning for office, go and say sorry to your so called love.. & I don't want any disturbance..

Pragya to Disha- Bhabhi Bhai is came.. & she went for her work..

Vin to Abhi- you heard her words, now I'm end this call, bye..

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