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He Fell In Love With His Wife ♥️ by PayalGupta2001
He Fell In Love With His Wife ♥️by Payal Gupta
shaurya sabherwal was forced in the marriage.... while she was very happy with the wedding... let's see how will this go further.....
The Imperfect Marriage - Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Fanfic by RC_2024
The Imperfect Marriage - Kaise Muj...by RC_2024
This is a Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Fanfic! I really love Amruta & Viraj's pair and thought of trying to create my own story around them! Hope you enjoy :) All character...
PRANBIR | ✓ by ionlyknowhowtogiggle
PRANBIR | ✓by p!
One choice. Her love or her mother's ? God has never been very kind towards Prachi Mehra. Her life has always been drowned under the ocean of problems and hatred from...
Broken But Same by preeran_pranbir_love
Broken But Sameby preeran_pranbir_love
Story starts from ending Preeran's reception party Peep in to know.........
The Agreement by purelyevilroses
The Agreementby 𝗩𝗜𝗢𝗟𝗘𝗧
Prachi does not expect to get married to her nemesis in the name of a contract for her mother Ranbir can't help but get married to the girl his mother chose to inherit h...
SS - Bhabhi To Biwi - A Dark Love Story by fuggisrockstar
SS - Bhabhi To Biwi - A Dark Love...by •𝚃𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙰•
Pragya was married to Karan and thought to give a chance for their marriage life. When Pragya miserably fails in her marriage life, how her life changes with Abhi, her h...
Breeze✔ by Doraemon_creations
Breeze✔by LiveItYourWay
Show track continuation when Mehul tries to molest Preeta. Gratitude for loving it so much
Tareek- Destiny: The Journey of Love and Choices by Esha136
Tareek- Destiny: The Journey of Lo...by Esha Tony
Khushi and Jhanvi, forged in the ashes of their turbulent past, find strength and comfort in their unbreakable sisterhood, which helps them navigate the complex web of f...
ss: fallen for boss husband by strangerincity
ss: fallen for boss husbandby Pri
short story on abhigya.. Abhi fallen for Pragya at first sight.. what about Pragya, she feel same like Abhi feel for her...
Written in the stars✔ by Doraemon_creations
Written in the stars✔by LiveItYourWay
Completed ff. Concept: What if Monisha and Karan got married?
HUMSAFAR MERE ❤️ by PayalGupta2001
HUMSAFAR MERE ❤️by Payal Gupta
continuation of HIS REPLACED BRIDE... ♥️ ON HIGH DEMANDS...🙈😁
Love of life-Abhi & Pragya Kumkum Bhagya by bunnyzbearstories
Love of life-Abhi & Pragya Kumkum...by ~ Kahaani ~
An immortal love story of two different characters Abhi & Pragya.The story is all about how two childhood friends fall in love with each other.How their life gonna be? #...
MY HEART'S LONGING 💔 by PayalGupta2001
MY HEART'S LONGING 💔by Payal Gupta
Second season of DREAMS DO COME TRUE - TWINJ'S DREAM... Hey guys.... I m back with the second season.... This season will be heart breaking season.... In first season...
Eternal Love of Abhi & Pragya - Kumkum Bhagya by bunnyzbearstories
Eternal Love of Abhi & Pragya - Ku...by ~ Kahaani ~
Story of charming college guys..A story about friendship..An eternal love of true souls..The story is about how the two characters met each other and how the destiny is...
Abhigya My Love.. My Life.. Only You.. (COMPLETED) by magthaline
Abhigya My Love.. My Life.. Only Y...by magthaline mano
Abhi is a short temper.. Pragya is a cute ,innocent girl.. Their frienship starts from school and college , then turns into love with the time passes.. Its full of lovel...
Abhigya- Decisions by Shefalimysticals
Abhigya- Decisionsby Shefalimysticals
In life, decisions are made at many instances. This story explores the decisions made by Abhigya at many instances unaware to them that it will make them closer.
The Collection Of OS/TS ft.Preeran by preeran_pranbir_love
The Collection Of OS/TS ft.Preeranby preeran_pranbir_love
Here i'll be posting some short OS so pls support me (1) Accident (OS) ✔️ (2) Dinner date (OS) ✔️ (3) Exposed (OS) ✔️ (4) Valentine day (OS) ✔️ (5) Honeymoon (OS) ✔️ (6...
FF - Sirf Tu Chahiye by fuggisrockstar
FF - Sirf Tu Chahiyeby •𝚃𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙰•
A Village girl 👧 and The Celebrity King Rockstar 👦 She was Nerd and Naive 👯 and He was Highly-Socialized🏂 She was full of Emotions 👱and He was full of Attitudes💃 T...
Saiyyan Mera by kritixpreeran
Saiyyan Meraby Kritika
My love for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never❤️ cover by @karanxpreeta😘
FF - Wajah Tum Ho by fuggisrockstar
FF - Wajah Tum Hoby •𝚃𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙰•
I am Abhi and she my life Pragya. Age doesn't matter infront of our love. I love her and my love is enough for her not my age. Her love is enough for me. she is the back...