Hello lovely readers, 

It has literally been a couple of days since I finished the girl who hunted night, and despite how much I think I should probably wait a week or so, I couldn't resist giving a sneak preview of the first chapter. 

The story continues in Paris, France. Beatrice is staying in a chateau with Brendan, Lydia and Carlisle, and has left Felix behind in England, who is facing his own problems (I won't say more than that as far as he is concerned). So they are all looking for the bloody diamond but is safe to say that won't be as straight forward as it seems, and there will be plenty more balls, deaths and romance in this squeal, as well as lots of lovely new characters, as well as plenty of reappearances! 

This is just a snippet, but I hope you like it! Thank you and please comment and let me know what you think! 



P.S what do you think of the title? 


I jumped as a door closed behind me, I span around and sighed with relief to see it was only Carlisle. He pressed his fingers to his lips, and pointed at the kitchen. It was where I was heading anyway. I followed him and we stood for a moment. He said nothing, so I unhooked the cellar key and made my way downstairs, re-emerging with a bottle of wine, the label read '1820', the fact the wine was older than I was and covered in a layer of dust was mind boggling. I blew on it, and the dust came off in a great cloud, leading to both Carlisle and I coughing violently. 

"Bloody hell! How old is that thing?" he said, continuing to splutter. 

"Nearly thirty years" I choked, popping the cork and pouring two glasses. 

"Thanks" he said, taking it gratefully, "you're right you know"

I looked up from my glass, frowning, "about Felix"

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