Wel,well,well...the moment you have been waiting (admittedly not that long) for....I have posted the first part of TGWCTM! (the girl who chased the moon)

I hope you like it, I have posted the link below and am going to start advertising it now! (Woohoo!) 

I have also made a little headway with a series name, I was thinking Blood Prophecy. Thoughts? (btw this is not set in stone, just an idea I am heading towards) 

Thank you so much for all your support, please continue to vote/comment/read/etc. Also please, please, please advertise this story if you can, and spread the word fellow slayers! 

So...HERE IS THE LINK! : http://www.wattpad.com/60484912-the-girl-who-chased-the-moon-prologue?d=ud

Happy reading! 



With a heart of fire she is condemed to hunt the night. 

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