My legs were weak when I got up. They shook and buckled under me, I struggled, gasping like a wounded doe. Eventually, I reached the window ledge. I sat down, almost collapsing onto the frame.

Leaning against the glass, I let the frozen panes cool my scalding skin. The vast expanse of the grounds was visible from the window, it seemed to stretch for miles, never ending...infinite. I hummed to myself, Mozart's concerto 23, the haunting beauty of the grounds made me think of it. I couldn't remember where I'd heard it but somehow I saw the good in the place, despite the fact it was inhabited by monsters.

The sun would rise soon, and the vampires would go to bed, or whatever they did during the day. That may have provided opportunity for escape. I walked around the room, overwhelmed by the unbelievable luxury.

I knew vampires were rich, just not this rich. The wood looked as if it had been taken from a rainforest, the curtains were satin and the love seat was silk, as were all the sheets. All red and white of course. I suspected the white was deliberate, a joke at my expense no doubt. A mocking of my innocence and how it served to be my undoing.

I curled my toes around the soft carpet of the rug beneath my feet, protecting them from the bare wood floor. Glancing I noticed the chamber pot, even it looked as if it had been lined with gold!

My mouth was dry and I desperately needed a drink, to the point it was making me lightheaded.

Sighing in defeat, I accepted I would just have to leave the room. However, one look at my reflection told me I could not leave as I was. Too much cleavage was on show, and too much of my neck. I dug around in the large wardrobe and found a dressing gown. Also silk. There was too much silk in this house I decided.

I slipped it on, the soft material sliding over my skin, caressing me as it settled onto my body. I tied it closed tightly, hiding my neck with my hair, which looked an unruly mess. Nothing on my feet, but with no option, I opened the door. Too my surprise it was open.

They obviously thought I wouldn't get very far even if I made it out the room. I tread lightly down the halls, marvelled by the grandeur. I studied the paintings as I passed, many were portraits of vampires, and the odd human scattered around there too. The landscapes depicted massacres and vampires riding into villages with black horses, fangs bared. They were so vivid, so macabre and so gruesome, I winced looking at some. Yet in this, was some dark beauty, a twisted grace in all of it. The way the storm clouds gathered in the skies behind it, the way the moonlight shone down on it.

I could not believe I was admiring vamperic artwork, I mentally slapped myself. I continued on in my quest for water, listening for vampires at every turn. Behind locked doors I could hear begging, screaming, moaning. A cacophony of sound that assaulted my ear drums, and I could not block it out.

The halls were dimly lit, only a few candles to illuminate the long passage ways, creating creeping shadows and darkness. I walked quickly, not pausing nor looking around.

Someone whistled. I froze. Heart hammering, pulse racing and eyes wide with terror, I was utterly defenceless, weakened by days in bed and dehydration and fatigue. I didn't stand a chance against even the most juvenile vampire.

Pretending it never happened, I carried on, before stopping when I heard it again. I spun around, the candle in my hand flickering precariously, "who's there?"
I prayed it was Felix, he may be cruel and terrify me, but I knew with him I would come to no real harm.

The figure stepped out the shadows, and too my horror it was not Felix. This man looked older, probably in his late twenties. He had blond hair and bright red eyes that seemed glow in the darkness. "Who are you?" I said, determinedly slowing my breathing.

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