The next day, I was practically falling asleep during Master Smyth's lesson on vampire anatomy. Today, we were learning about the complex muscular structure, and it's differentiation from that of a humans.

"The vampire's muscles are far stronger than ours, as you already know" he said, "they have this not only from supernatural ability, but from the blood that lies in their capillaries. Transformation makes the heart beat at five times it's normal rate, and we know this is what induces the vampire blood in the person's system to reach all muscles, after death which complete's the transformation, the vampire blood which causes chemical reaction in the muscles changes their cellular structure, making them more efficient in producing energy more quickly, thus they are stronger and faster"

Eva Clark, a girl who's intellectual understanding far surpassed any other in our year, raised her hand, a serious expression on her face. "Yes, Miss Clark?" said Master Smyth.

"Master, if the vampire does not have a heart rate, then how is it possible for respiration within the cells, as this requires oxygen, which cannot be obtained without blood flow?"
"An excellent question, Miss Clark. From the understanding and current research, it is assumed that the blood remaining in the muscles contains oxygen that supplies for such fast acting respiration"

"But that supply would eventually run out? It would be impossible for the supply to be limitless" protested Eva.

"If the vampire's blood contains supernatural properties then it is not impossible for oxygen to remain in the vessels, correct?"

"Sir, even if that is true, what you are suggesting is that the vampires blood contains pure oxygen, more so than platelets and plasma, which it must contain if it has any similarity to human blood"

"We are getting off topic, Miss Clark, if you wish to discuss this further come back at the end of the day"

Eva did not look happy, rather deflated, she would no doubt discover some incredible things about vampiric physiology. She was no fighter, with very little muscle mass and a petit frame that was more brittle than agile, it was clear she was not meant for field work like myself or Caroline, rather for laboratories, to discover new things which we could not possibly dream off yet.

Beside me, Caroline was scrawling down the information on the blackboard furiously, though never smudged her work, it contrasted greatly to mine, which was relatively bare by comparison and covered in ink blots. Master Smyth continued on with the lesson and set our work at the end of the lesson, a thousand word essay on the muscular structure of vampires.

I sighed at the work and Caroline shook her head at me. "You should be more invested in this, Bea" she told me.

"And why is that?"

"Because this knowledge could save your life one day" she said seriously.

I rolled my eyes, "Will I bore my opponent to death by talking about the structure of his muscles?"

"Don't mock me" she snarled.I apologized quickly, slayers were tempermental people, and I did not wish to fight with Caroline, my dearest friend. Our next lesson of the day was mythology.

It was not so bad, Master Dueck, was as old as time and going blind in one eye, you could escape the lesson without so much as picking up a quil and he would never notice. I doubted he would even notice if I failed to show up at all.

When we arrived, Caroline and I slipped into the back of the room soundlessly, and Caroline was busy writing whilst I got out some parchment and ink, before placing my quil artistically above it and then rolling my head back, wishing to sleep. This was not be the case however as Caroline kicked me from under the table, before she could blink my stake was in hand and I was pressing it above my heart.

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