Felix had left Immortalis, as had Lucas Martello. That was the only information I had gathered, I did not know their whereabouts or the purpose of their leaving, all I knew is they were gone. The next night, there was a knock on my door, three taps. "Who is it?" I said. I had no weapons other than my hands, so was defenceless.

"Brendan McCarthy" said a thickly Irish voice. I got up and opened the door. He was wearing high trousers and a blue cravat, perfectly complimenting the red of his hair. "Can I help?"

"I thought you might like to go for a walk" he said. 

I had become accustomed to the vampire schedule during the time I had been stuck in the castle, and got used to sleeping during the day and coming out only at night. As such, I was wearing a day dress rather than my night gown. It was pulled in at the waist and had a low collar, revealing the puncture wounds on my neck, though I had tried to cover it with my hair. 

He smiled brightly and took my arm as if we were old friends, I would have pulled away once, snarling that he was 'vampire scum', but I had no allies at this castle, and I needed allies. Plus I had learned a lot since leaving Rowhurst, Lydia had taught me as much. He led me down a serious of corridors and eventually opened large oak doors, revealing a huge library. The room was massive, a large fire billowing in the centre, and books lining every wall, and ladders propped up at the side neatly. 

"You strike me as the kind that likes reading" he told me. 

I looked around in wonder. On the table in the middle was tea and toast, with butter sat in a small pot neatly beside it. "I imagined you would be hungry as well" he said lightly. 

In a most unlike me move, I took his hands and kissed him on the cheek, joyful at the smallest shred of kindness, his eyes betrayed his bashfulness, if he could of blushed he would of. I set off exploring around the room, and came to a section filled with first edition books I'd never thought I would see. Ancient scriptures were buried amongst newer texts and every possible book was here. I made my way to a section I had never really delved much into;fiction. 

My life had been made up of fact, historical documents had been light reading, scientific anthologies my source of relief but I could not help but wonder curiously about the books on these pages. Books that had fascinated so many people and left them clinging to a reality that was not be theirs, and I couldn't help but wonder what lay in those pages to make them so foolish. 

Brandon walked up behind me and said, "May I make a recommendation?"

"Of course, I have no idea where to start" I told him.

He reached up on to the shelf, scanning various titles before going "ahh" and picking one of the shelf, He handed a thick text to me, I read the title allowed, "the mysteries of Udolpho" 

"It's very good" he promised me. 

I couldn't help but admire his sense of humor, "are you serious?" 

"Completely" he smiled.

"You do understand the sense of irony here?" I said, unaware I saw stroking the smooth cover of the book, relishing the feel of it in my hands. 

He smiled and said, "trust me, I think you will like Emily St. Aubert, she reminds me of you in away, except perhaps for your lack of obedience" 

I laughed and Brendan joined in, "I was never one for following rules, I was punished for on a daily basis for one misdemeanor or another at Rowhurst"

"I can imagine, you don't strike me as the type to follow rules" 

"I never was" I said.

Brendan gestured to the table and I sat down, buttering a piece of toast before taking a large bite. I ate three slices, most unlike me, I did not normally eat so much but I was famished. 

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