I nearly choked, looking into titian eyes, his face largely concealed by a mask of midnight blue and gold. "What are you doing here?" 

He smiled wryly, "I would think it obvious, Beatrice" he said.

"Enlighten me" I said, spinning around him and trying to hide my wince as katiana bit into the flesh of my leg, thankfully it did not draw blood. "Shh" he said, "even statues have ears"

I glanced at Vladimir, who was sat completely still, his eyes casting around the room. I nodded and continued to dance to the upbeat waltz. "What's going on?" 

"Don't worry" he told me, running a hand through his red locks, which were slicked back for once, revealing the panes of his face, he was not pale enough to pass for vampire, but I suspected it did not matter as most of his skin was covered. Outside, the rain poured down relentlessly against the ground, it hammered against the fragile panes of glass, which seemed to quiver. The wind howled, though I could scarcely hear it over the orchestra, in the distance, there was the ominous rumble of thunder. 

As the waltz grew on, we whirled effortlessly round the floor, and the music grew faster, my feet struggled to keep up. I glanced over at Felix repeatedly, who now had his back turned, making me frown. "Stop looking" muttered Carlilse. 

"How did you find me?" I asked.

He snorted, "Beatrice, there isn't one person, slayer or worlock or otherwise, that does not know you are here"

"What?" I whispered, the colour draining from my face. 

"Beatrice, as far as our..'community' shall we say, goes, your kidnapping is the big news, it's huge and widespread, all supernaturals in Europe are aware of it"

"Are they coming to get me?" I said excitedly, hope rising in my voice. He did not reply, only turning me around instead so I faced away from the throne. 

"When did you fall in love with Felix?" he said, his voice was accusing. I spluttered, taken aback by the question. "What?" 

"You heard me, when?" 

"I'm not-"

"Stop lying to yourself" he said, rolling his eyes, "I've seen love before, I've walked this earth a long time"

"Beatrice" he interuppted, "listen to my advice when I say it is not worth going down this road, look what happened to Lydia"
"It's not like that" I said quietly, subdued by my own dark thoughts, though secretly I was shaken, I had put what happened to Lydia at the back of my mind, and pushed it away, burying it because it made me feel even more guilty for my feelings.

Guilt settled on my heart, would she ever forgive me if she found out? I was sure Carlisle would tell her.  

He chuckled, "that's what she said" 

"Lydia and I-"
"You are, the difference, is" he paused before talking in a much more hushed tone, "he loves you back"

My eyes widened, now it was not only Felix claiming, but Carlisle confirming Felix's affections. It was so much to take in and it made me dizzy. "Steady, Beatrice" he said. I met Felix's eyes and his corner upturned into a wry smile. "Stop" Carlisle said, rolling his eyes, "you are being so transparent, I thought slayers were good actors"

"Shut up" I mumbled and he laughed. 

The waltz ended with a final chord, and we bowed too each other. He wrapped his arm around my waist and led me to the corner, as suddenly someone mounted the stage. I turned and saw an unfamiliar figure standing there, clinking his glass and calling the assembly to order. His hair was like moonlight, silvery and pale. 

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