Steam rose from the bath tub as hot water began to fill it, a strange aroma drafting from it as a cacophony of herbs and spices were poured into it. I stared with watchful eyes as the water got higher and eventually the maids left, the door closing softly behind them. "Get in" said Felix.

"Get out" I told him.

"Beatrice, that is not necessary" he said wearily.

"Do you care so little for whatever shred of dignity I have left!" I snapped.

"Fine" he snarled, "I will wait behind the screen"

"Thank you" I said, curtsying in a mocking manner. He glared before stepping behind the screen. Once I was sure he was not looking, I stripped, undoing the lace with trembling hands and letting the soaked material slip to the floor. My fingers and lips had turned blue from the cold, and I hissed as the hot water collided with my skin. The herbs seeped into the cuts covering my battered body, and stung like poison. Felix stepped out from behind the screen, I shrieked in surprise, covering myself with the soap and my hands. He rolled his eyes and stepped towards the tub.

The water sloshed and spilled as I wildly scooted away. "Beatrice, stop" he said sternly. I stilled, but I was like an animal, paralyzed by fear. He reached forward gently, taking the cloth and running it over my skin. "You're frozen" he murmured.

Felix ran the cloth in gentle strokes over my shoulders and neck, then down my arms. He took my hand from the water and slowly unwrapped the bandages, I yelped as the skin peeled away with the bandage, revealing the bloody mess of my fingers. He winced and looked at them under the candle light. "I thought you gave me blood?" I said.

"I could not give you more, for fear of altering you permanently" he said.

I nodded in understanding and winced as he brushed his hand across my bruised cheek. "Let me see the other wounds" he said. I yanked my hand back and crossed my arms over my chest, concealing my breasts. "Beatrice, please" he said, reaching forward. I leapt back, out of reach and my breathing sharp and erratic. "No" I said, fear flashing in my eyes.

"Come here, I promise I won't hurt you" he sounded sincere, but that wasn't the only thing troubling me.

"That's not all I'm afraid of" I whispered.

His eyes levelled with mine, understanding settling in them, "Beatrice, you are a good person, this does not change things"

"It does, it makes me weak of morals, it makes me less of a slayer because I could not resist temptation" I said, then gasping as I realised, in a sense I'd admitted I wanted it.

He brushed my hand aside, his eyes never leaving mine as he caressed my breast. Longing stirred inside me as he dragged his forefinger across the nipple, causing me to suppress a moan. I could not help but sink back into the tub and he squeezed and rubbed the sensitive skin. "Can I make you come like this?" he whispered darkly, his filthy language spurning more desire, and helplessly I arched into his skillful hands.

His hand moved to my second breast, but as he squeezed I yelped, jumping and skittering away as he hit the spot Lucas had bitten. His eyes glistened with anger as he leaned over the tub and inspected it carefully. "I will make him pay, mark my words Beatrice, I swear to you"

With shame I crossed my arms over my chest, the desire I had felt momentarily evaporating. "Do you want to get out?"

I nodded, biting my lip as he half lifted me from the tub. I covered my private areas as the towel wrapped around me, trembling as he dried me with a tender touch. Once dressed in a clean night gown he helped me into bed, the sun would rise soon, and my body registered this as I began to yawn. I was disgusted that I had become so used to vampiric time table.

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